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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

4x4 Thai Adventure - Day 7

"Never regret. If it's good, it's wonderful. If it's bad, it's experience..."

(Another group photo, cheery in the morning)

Day 7: 11 September 2014 (Tuesday)
Mae Hong Son - Chiang Mai
Distance: 237 km

There was no water in the hotel room this morning and every one was shouting and complaining. Those who had not taken their shower had to wait for the pump to be switch on first before we could use the bath room. It was already late when we checked out but we still had time for a group photo in front of the hotel.

(Goodbye Mae Hong Son, we'll come again...)
(The bikers riding out of town)
(Passed through the same road towards Pai)
(A must stop photo opportunity)
(The entrance to the coffee shop)
(The coffee shop was closed)
(A beautiful scenery of paddy fields)
(A wet and cloudy day)

Today the bikers gang decided to ride direct to Chiang Mai via Pai. We drove cautiously as it was raining intermittently. We made one toilet stop at the highest mountain point and a cup of hot brewed coffee from the Pai Fah Cafe before we drove to Pai and met with the rest of the gang at warung nasi ayam. We ordered crispy banana pancakes from the neighboring warung for our dessert.

(A pick-up full of soldiers)
(Driving through the mist)
(A scenic mountain view)
Riding in disciplined formation)
(Beware of obstacles by the road side)
(A little off-roading again)
(Heavy traffic heading into Pai)
(Pick-ups and lorries on the hilly road)

After refueling we drove on towards Chiang Mai and stopped at Coffee 32, the hillside coffee house for coffee and snacks.

(A nice resort with boutique coffee shop)
(Stop for a cup of hot coffee)
(The rented bikes need a rest too)
(A nice quiet resort)
(Complete with a terrace restaurant)
(Opportunity for toilet stop too)
(Signing the guest book)

(This is what I wrote and drew)
(The gang having a good time)
(A nice cozy chalet)
We arrived at Pornping Hotel early. Hubby and Hayami went to Pop Motobike Rental to return Hayami's rental bike while the ladies stayed in the hotel room to rest. Although Hayami returned the bike a day early, there was no refund but he was lucky that he was not charged for the bad scratch on the handlebar. After, they went to a tyre shop to change all four tyres of our 4x4, costing b4500/each.

(Riding towards Chiang Mai)

(A rider giving a rest to the butt)
(The blackfoot having a bath after a long journey)

(Wearing our newly bought t-shirts)

Tonight we had dinner together with the rest of the gang and met a few other bikers gang who just flown in from KL. They will be riding the 1000 corners and neighbouring terrain in the next few days.

After dinner we went for an hour of foot massage and later walked along the night market and bought t-shirts and pants for our three grand children.

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