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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

4x4 Thai Adventure - Day 5

"Enjoy every step, for in every moment there is something to learn..."

(A group photo before the thousand corners journey)

Day 5: 9 September 2014 (Tuesday)
Route: Chiang Mai - Pai
Distance: 130 km

After a heavy breakfast, we checked out at 08:30 and started our journey towards Pai bracing the 762 corners and curves. The bikers gang stopped to have coffee at Coffee 32, a scenic hill-side resort. We missed to spot them and drove our 4x4 non-stop direct to Pai and arrived an hour earlier.

(A nice clear weather)  
(The start of a long and winding road)
(Curves and corners)
(The Blackfoot taking a hair-pin corner)
(762 curves in a distance of 130 km)
(Heading towards the clouds)
(A few kilometers of off-roading)
(The road still winding up and down hill)
(Welcome to Mae Hong Son District)
(Passed by a few National Parks)
(And through a few Police road blocks)
(Through jungles and forests)

We didn't stop at the Memorial Bridge but stopped at Heart of Pai Resort to take photo shots. We drove around the Walking Street but could not locate Baan Kanoon Resort the place we used to stay during Q2. So we drove back to the Memorial Bridge to meet up with the gang. We bought some souvenirs before heading towards town centre.

(Welcoming signage to the town of Pai) 
(The Memorial Bridge)
(Boutique Hill-side Coffee House)
(A cheap accommodation available)
(A more expensive lodging)
(The Heart of Pai Resort)
(Road signages to interesting places)
(Meeting the gang at the Memorial Bridge)
(Pai t-shirts for souvenirs)

In Pai town the gang went around to look for a place to have lunch. The last time we were here we had nasi goreng at the Cake To Go Cafe but this time they didn't serve fried rice anymore. We end up having nasi ayam at one of the Muslim Restaurant instead.

(A halal cake house) 
(Lunch time at Nasi Ayam Restaurant)
(A filling dish for hungry tummies)
(Looking for lodging along the narrow Walking Street)
(A nice resort in the woods)

We checked-in at Ban Suan Rim Resort, situated near the walking street, and slept till late afternoon. Later the gang went for Thai body massage and the ladies had facials too. For tonight's dinner we had nasi goreng, kebab and dimsum from the night market.

On the way back to our hotel room, we stopped at the night market and bought t-shirts and fridge magnets for souvenirs.

(Spacious clean cheap room)
(A cozy chalet style accommodation)
(A cool serene ambiance)
(A visit to a near by night market)
(Dinner at one Muslim Restaurant)

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