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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

4x4 Thai Adventure - Day 2

"When some things go wrong, be thankful for all the other things that are still going right..."

(Mus, Mun, Siti and Hayami with our Blackfoot)

Day 2 : 6 September 2014 (Saturday)
Route: Surat Thani - Kanchanaburi
Distance: 664 km

(Varieties of local delicacies)
(Aji's son, now the owner of the restaurant)

Around 07:00 we were ready to check out. Although there was a complimentary breakfast in the hotel we decided to have roti canai breakfast at Aji Restaurant instead. After a few photo shots by the Tapi River we started our journey towards Kanchanaburi.

(Fishing is a favorite past time here)
(Cool calm morning by the Tapi River)
(Siti and me, still energetic, ready for the long-haul journey)

It rained quite heavily on the way. Before we reached Chumphon, we detoured to locate the narrowest point of the Ithmus of Kra without the use of the GPS. The route was quite winding and rough at some places but we managed to trace our route out to the main highway after reaching the designated area. However we did not manage to take a photo shot at the signage.

(Confusing road junctions)
(Looking out for the right route)
(Making reference to someones's blog for GPS)
(A small road leading to the Ithmus of Kra)
(Reaching the end of the road)
(A natural lake in the middle of nowhere)
(Tracing back to the Asia Highway 41)

It was already noon when we had a light lunch of burger and prawn wantan soup at Amazon Cafe in Chumphon. We continued driving north and again detoured to Cha-Am to have a late lunch at Restaurant Mariam where we also performed our prayers there too.

(Steaming hot halal wantan soup)

(Halal black-pepper chicken burger)
(It started raining again)
(Long-eared cow roaming the street) 
(Entering the town of Cha-Am)
(No lorries and motobikes on the Super-highway leading to Bangkok)
(A welcoming signage to Kanchanaburi)
(Workers going back home after a hard day's work)

It was raining quite heavily along the way but it stopped when we reached Kanchanaburi around 19:45. Initially we wanted to stop at the night market but it was not opened yet. We drove on to the Luxury Hotel and checked-in for the night at the rate of b600/night.

As we were quite full, tonight we had a light dinner in the hotel room.

(Entering Kanchaburi in the twilight)

(Our favorite hotel in Kanchanaburi)

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