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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

4x4 Thai Adventure - Day 6

"Always remember where you came from and never forget where you're going..."

(A group photo in front of the resort)

Day 6: 10 September 2014 (Wednesday)
Pai - Mae Hong Son
Distance: 197 km

Early in the morning, the gang walked to a Muslim stall to have 'the best in the world' porridge and char kuey for breakfast. After we checked out, we started our winding 1000 corners journey towards Mae Hong Son.

(The famous char kuey and porridge stalls)
(Graffiti on the wall)
(Another cozy resort in the woods)
(The meeting place for witches and wizards)

The weather was good and cool. Our first stop was at the Highest Mountain Point and had photo shots and a hot cup of coffee. We made another stop at a scenic view point and had roasted corn-on-cob. Some bought souvenirs at a very cheap price.

(Fellow travelers on two-wheel taking a break)
(More corners and curves ahead)
(Reaching the highest mountain peak)
(Parking our bikes above the clouds)
(Meeting seasoned bikers from France)
(A group photo in the mist)
(A hot cup of cappuccino to warm a cold body)
(Another 84 km to go, a chance for a selfie)
(Riding cautiously in limited visibility)
(The mist cleared once going down hill)

(A biker taking a sharp corner)

(Sunny but cool drive in the 4x4)
(Blackfoot taking a rest on mountain top)
(A short break and souvenir shopping)
(grilled corn and sweet potatoes)
(Cheap shawls on display)
(Best of friends, happy-go-lucky three stooges)

We arrived in Mae Hong Song quite early and had another memorable photo session at the famous welcoming archway, marking the entrance into Mae Hong Son town. everyone was happy to complete the thousand corners without any incidents. We went to the Chamber of Commerce to get our certificates and stickers. This is our third time to complete the thousand corners (1864 + 762 curves) and the first time on a 4x4.

(The archway marking the end of the thousand corners)
(Another memorable achievement)
(Rozlan in front of the Chamber of Commerce)

We had our lunch at the Nasi ayam stall next to Nurutth Taqwa Mosque. We met the BTP bikers gang here who were having their lunch too. After lunch we performed our zohor/Asar prayers at the mosque.

(A well-visited warung nasi ayam)
(A typical yellow rice, chicken and soup)
(The mosque next to the Muslim Restaurant)
(Refreshed after solat break)

This afternoon we decided to visit the Kayan Long-neck Village situated by the river bank. The Kayan are a subgroup of the Red Karen (Karenni) people, a Tibet-Burma ethnic minority of Myanmar.We had to take the long-tail boat from the jetty which cost us b400/ each inclusive of the entry fee.

(Driving out of another entrance)
(A signage leading to the jetty)
(Waiting for our long-tail boats)
(A man showing off his big catch)
(Hayai and Siti wearing life jackets for safety)
(The Pai River is fast flowing and murky)
(Navigating the slim boat against the current)
(Long-tail boats waiting for passengers)
(Entering the Kayan village)
(A pretty sweet Kayan lady)
(A photo with the long-neck lady)
(Mus, Shanaz and Shawal in the narrow alley)
(The set up of the Kayan Village)
(Shawal looking for souvenirs)
(A lot of hand-made souvenirs on display)
(They have fridge magnets too)
(Taking a rest under the shade)
(A typical Kayan hut)
(Cloth weaving in progress)
(Kayan children playing with a puppy)
(Time to ride back to town)

After the visit we went back to town to look for a hotel and also arranged for the owner of the nasi ayam stall to cook a simple dinner for us.

We checked in the hotel and rested for a while before we went to have nasi goreng dinner and roti pisang. After dinner we went to Padong Souvenir Shop to buy t-shirts and stickers.

(No English name for this hotel)
(A cheap clean room for the night)

We had coffee at Char-Coffee shop to discuss our next riding program. Afterwards we continued our discussion at the hotel lobby while watching the video recording from our go-pro.

(Discussion in progress)
(More souvenirs to bring home)

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