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Thursday, 7 November 2013

02 KQ2: Surathani - Kanchanaburi

"Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful..."

DAY 2 (12 OCT 2013 - SATURDAY)

We woke up early this morning but breakfast was not ready till 0800. We were only served when we were seated. It was a hearty breakfast of toasts, hot dogs and eggs.

(With Yati, after a good heavy breakfast)

Once everyone were ready, after a short briefing and reciting of prayers, we started our journey on Highway 41 towards Chumphon. We only stopped for refueling and had a light lunch on the way. We passed a few police road blocks along the main roads but our convoy was allowed to ride on.

(Shawal bin Shariff)
(Fadzil bin Salleh)
(Noor Sazali bin Mohd Ramli)
(Syed Zain Bin Edrus Al Edrus)
(Saharudin bin Moin and Norhayati bt Jumali)
(Mohd Taufik bin Mohd Nor)
(Mustafa bin Mohd Ali)
(Mohd Shanaz bin Mohd Adnan)
(Katiravan A/L Subarayan)
(Shamsuri bin Mohamed)
(Mohd Zaini bin Kemat)
(Jumaiyah Bt Ismail)

We stopped at Khaopho Service Area, one of the major R&R stops and had our refreshment and performed our prayers there. We used to stop here to rest and pray on our last trip to Kanchaburi and the owner of the cafe still recognised some of us too.

(Riding in formation on a good day)
(Looking out signage to the right route)
(Riders wearing bright vests for safety)
(Policemen checking on cars and lorries)

It was raining heavily on Highway 4 and we stopped by the road side to wear our rain coats as we will be drenched wet. Beside the heavy downpour, the ride was slowed down further by slippery and uneven road. It stopped raining when we reached our destination.

(Khaopho Service Area)
(Wearing raincoat, getting ready for the downpour)
(Many roads being upgraded and under construction)
(Riding with care on wet slippery raod)

We reached Kanchanaburi early at night. There was a massive traffic jam all the way once we entered the city center and made worst by the crowd and on-lookers for a shoot out incident where we saw a covered body by the road side. Luckily there were many policemen controlling traffic so we passed the scene quickly and rode direct to the night market for nasi ayam dinner.

(Taking the right turn to town)
(Traffic jam caused by a shoot-out)

After checking in the River Kwai Hotel, we had a hot shower and later went for a full body massage at a nearby massage parlor. A 2-hour full body massage was so soothing and therapeutic to a tired body.

(Nasi ayam dinner at the night market)

We slept like logs at night oblivious to the loud disco music from a nearby night club.

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