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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

4NR: Pakse, Laos – Majestic Waterfalls of Bolaven Plateau

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it is lethal…” – Paulo Coelho

(Tad Fane twin waterfalls)

Day 06: 15 December 2015 (Tuesday)
Route: Khong Island – Pakse
Distance: 125 km 

I felt sad to leave this beautiful, laid back island…

We rode out of Khong Island late in the morning and headed towards Pakse, 125 km away. The weather was sunny but cool for a leisurely ride. From Pakse we rode another 35 km towards Bolaven Plataeu and arrived at Tad Fane Resort overlooking Tad Fane twin waterfalls in the early afternoon.

Bolaven Plataeu is famous for its great scenery, ethnic villages and home to some of Southeast Asia’s most spectacular waterfalls and Tad Fane is one of them. The Plateau elevation ranges from 800 to 1,350 meters above sea level and the weather is generally milder and cool especially at night.

In the afternoon, except for two couples, the rest of us rode our bikes to Tad Gneuang Waterfalls a few kilometers away. It is a stunning spot, not the highest but wide and impressive. It is easy to access from the road. The path from the parking area leads to the pools on top of the falls and one need to hike down a path that winds down to the bigger pool at the bottom. A few of the gang took the challenge of hiking down the slippery, slightly treacherous stone steps and got the best view from the bottom.

There are many more beautiful waterfalls around the area but with little time on our hand we only visited two. Next time we may want to try the ‘Pakse Loop’ and visit most of the attractions around the area.

We had a sumptuous seafood dinner and warmed our bodies around the bon-fire while drinking hot coffee latte before we retired for the night.

(A beautiful morning, view from Pon's restaurant)
(Riding out taking a shorter route)
(Crossing the same bridge we came yesterday)
(Ride cautiously, careful of obstacles on road)
(Arriving in Pakse, riding to Bolaven Plateau)
(Stalls selling handicrafts made of rattan)
(Riding on the 'Loop Road')
(Arriving at Tad Fane Resort)
(Un-paved road leading to the resort)
(Arriving at the entrance of the resort)
(Be careful of the slippery roots and pebbles)
(The majestic Tad Fane twin waterfalls)
(A photo shot from a view point)
(The chalets in the wood, serene and quiet)
(Ready to explore other waterfalls)
(Off-roading again for quite a distance to the waterfalls)
(Need to pay parking and entrance fees)
(The Tad Gnueang Falls)
(Base of the falls accessible by tracks)
(Jovial faces, zooming in from above)
(Bridge crossing to a shallower falls)
(Calm and therapeutic natural water features)
(Pictureque view of the flowing streams)
(Tiring, grueling climb from the base)
(Riding back to our resort during dusk)
(Warming our cold hands after a good heavy dinner)

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