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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

4NR: Pai, Thailand – A Backpackers' Paradise...

“If you wish to travel far and fast travel light. Take off all your envies, jealousies, un-forgiveness, selfishness and fears…” 

(The KTM at 32 Coffee Hill Resort)

Day 09: 18 December 2015 (Friday)
Route: Chiang Mai – Pai
Distance: 149 km

We had breakfast early at the hotel restaurant.

Today the gang decided to check out late and had ample time to do some errands. Some of us took a ride on a tuk-tuk around town and made a brief stop at the BMW showroom. Later we went back to the hotel and walked along the Night Bazaar Street but most of the shops were still closed.

We checked out by noon and got ready to ride to Pai, 150 km from Chiang Mai. We were not at all surprised when the couple with the troubled motorbike decided not to join the group from here on and planned to ride to KL on their own. If they made the journey this far with grudges and anger in their hearts and blamed others for their trouble and hardship other than themselves, then I guess they are better off on their own.

The ride to Pai was relaxing although most parts of the road were under repair. We rode slowly with care on the slippery muddy road and stopped at 32 Coffee Hill Resort for a cup of steaming coffee and biscuits. It was a pity to see the nice resort covered with dust because of the on-going road repair.

The road we were riding on was treacherous and slippery all the way to Pai. We saw a few skid marks on the road where motorbikes slipped and fell. We took our own sweet time riding the winding road while others enjoying riding the 762 corners and curves to their hearts content.

The group made a short stop at the Memorial Bridge to have some photo sessions there. When we arrived in Pai we rode direct to the Nasi Ayam stall when we met with Haji Din/Yati. Looking at their muddy jackets and boots, I believed that they too had a bad experience on the muddy slippery road leading to Pai. 

After a sumptuous nasi ayam and Pad Thai we checked in Ban Suan Rim Resort. We sent a load of our dirty clothes to the laundry for fast washing and took a much needed rest the whole afternoon.

At night we walked along the Walking Street to a Muslim restaurant to have dinner. Later we had an hour of soothing Thai massage to relieve tired muscle.

(A cozy hotel not far from the Night Bazaar)
(Renting a tuk-tuk to bring us around town)
(Not enough time for sight-seeing)
(Trying out different BMW models at the Show Room)
(Walking the Night Bazaar Street)
(Ready to ride the 762 corners to Pai)
(Riding out of the town of Chiang Mai)
(Passing the old City Wall of Chiang Mai)
(Looking out for road signages)
(A long straight road)
(Refueling and toilet break at one small town)
(Road repairs all along the highway to Pai)
(Starting of curves and sharp corners)
(Our favorite stop for a cup of coffee)
(The resort was covered with dust from the road works)
(Recording testimonials of our visit in the guest book)
(Continuing our ride on unpaved road)
(Slippery sharp twisting corners)
(Entering the District of Mae Hong Son)
(Passing through the National Park)
(Ride with care, more twisties ahead)
(Herd of cattle along the way)
(A selfie of happy faces at the Memorial Bridge) 
(Still riding on unpaved road)
(A short distance more to town)
(One of the many beautiful coffee stops)
(Our lodging for the night)
(The busy Walking Street of Pai)

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