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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

4NR: Pai, Thailand – Exploring the Wonders of Pai...

“There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free…”

(Watching the beautiful sunrise by Pai River)

Day 10: 19 December 2015 (Saturday)
Route: Pai
Distance: 50 km

Today we spent time visiting some of the attractions around Pai.

Very early in the morning the gang walked to Pai River and watched the sunrise from a coffee shop by the river. It was such a beautiful sight and the weather was cool and refreshing. Later, we walked to 7-eleven and sad to discover that our favourite stall was not selling porridge anymore. Instead we had char-kuey and hot soya drink for breakfast and later went to the Walking Street to rent a scooter at B200 per day. Except for Tuan Shawal and Bro Fayaz, the rest rented a motorbike each.

We rode on our rented bikes towards Memorial Bridge and stopped at ‘Coffee-in-Love’ for a cup of hot coffee while admiring the nice view of the valley.

Our next stop was at Pai Canyon or Kong Lan, located 8 km from Pai. It was a short 300 meter hike uphill on a cement stairways to the elevated top and open lookout area. The panoramic scenery is beautiful and the 360 degree view from the verge of the canyon is impressive and best enjoyed at sunrise and sunset.

We rode on, passing the Memorial Bridge to Ta Pai Hot Spring. There are 2 main natural hot springs and many streams in a national park and has several levels of bathing areas. The water is also diverted to a couple of nearby spas.

On the way back to town we took a different route passing through an elephant sanctuary and the many resorts along the way. During dusk, we had light refreshment at the coffee shop by the Pai River and watched tourists bathing and tubing down the river while the sun set in the horizon.

At night we rode our rented bike to Pai Mosque and had porridge dinner at one of the Muslim stalls. On the way we returned our rented bike, collected our passports and deposit and went for an hour of strong foot reflexology.

(A cozy chalet at Baan Suan Rim 2 Resort)
(Ready to explore Pai)
(A beautiful scenery by the Pai River)
(Absorbing the morning sunrise)
(A red scooty, our ride for the day)
(Yeeha... relaxing ride around town)
(My photo and your reflection in the mirror)
(A tranquil relaxing mood)
(A view of the mountain range)
(A typical structures, a resting place)
(Panoramic view of the mountain range)
(Standing at the edge of the canyon)
(Not many dared to cross the narrow pass)
(Recording the nice view from the top)
(A nice photo frame for the group shot)
(What an awesome scenery)
(A memorial photo shot of the gang)
(Welcome to Ta Pai Hot Spring)
(A bridge across the stream)
(Several pools of different water temperatures)
(An alternative ride around town)
(One of the many resorts outside town)
(A vast dry land, as far as one can see)
(The alternative route to town)
(Riding on a small lonely road)
(Watching tourists tubing and swimming in the river)
(Backpackers looking for cheap lodging for the night)

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