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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Kembara Borneo Day 06 - Serikin

“I wandered everywhere, through cities and countries wide. And everywhere I went, the world was on my side…” – Roman Payne

(The Bidayuh Longhouse)

DAY 06: Saturday (28 Mar 2015)
Route: Kuching- Serikin – Damai Beach
Kuching City Tour

After breakfast we were escorted by the Skuad Muda 1-JPJ to Serikin, less than an hour ride from Kuching. Serikin is a small Bidayuh town situated near the Sarawak/Kalimantan border. The famous Serikin Pasar Minggu opens only on weekend selling arrays of cheap merchandise.

It is always crowded with local and foreign tourists who will come as early as possible to avoid the hot sun. One needs to walk almost a mile from end to end of the open space stalls, mostly operated by Indonesians, to look for a good bargain.

(Merdeka Palace, our lodging for two nights)
(The start of the day tour)
(Heading toward Serikin, the border town)
(A bright sunny day for a ride)
(The start of the open-air  stalls)
(A resting place by the river)
(The crowd of local and foreign tourists)
(An hour of foot reflexology)

We managed to purchase sun-glasses, kain batik and a few KTM t-shirts and had an hour of strong foot massage to while away our time. By 1230 the gang started riding back to town and stopped at Medan Niaga Satok where we met with some JPJ officers. JPJ was having ‘Hari Bersama Skuad Muda 1-JPJ’ where they are recruiting new volunteers.

Medan Niaga Satok is the biggest market in Kuching selling assortment of product ranging from vegetables, fruits, traditional snacks to handicraft. Medan Niaga Satok has five main complexes replacing the old Satok weekend market. We bought some kek lapis and terubuk masin and while the rest went on a shopping spree, we had lunch at a nearby food court.

(The new look of Pasar Minggu Satok)
(Heavy rain when we arrived)
(Spacious and clean stalls)
(Trying a local delicacy at the Food Court)

After some formalities with JPJ and group photo, we rode to the Cultural village at Damai Beach where we were entertained with an hour of cultural show followed by a very late lunch. Although we already had lunch earlier, we could not resist having another round of the mouth-watering dishes. After the heavy meal, we had a walking tour of the Cultural Village, also known as the ‘Living Museum’ set up to preserve and showcase Sarawak’s cultural heritage.

Later we stayed a while at the beach and watched the beautiful sunset.

(Heading towards Damai Beach)
(A nice weather for a leisure ride)
(A clear view of Sentubong)
(A good road with less traffic)
(Arriving at Damai Beach)
(A group photo at The Cultural Village)
(An hour of colorful cultural show)
(Dance and music of the many ethnic groups)
(Dato' Wilson and Dato' Dr Faizal with tourism officials)
(A living village depicting the life of the ethnic groups)
(The start of the walking tour)
(Tall totem poles at the entrance)
(The Rumah Penan)
(The longhouse of Rumah Orang Ulu)
(The site of the Rainforest Music Festival)
(A burung Kenyalang at Damai Beach)
(Bikers ready to fly...)
(Serene tranquil beach at sunset)

Tonight we had dinner at the Golf club hosted by the President of Sarawak Skuad Muda 1-JPJ and were presented with t-shirts and stickers.

(Dinner hosted by Dato Dr Azman)

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