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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Kembara Borneo Day 01 - Kota Kinabalu

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls…” – Anais Nin

(At KLIA very early in the morning)

DAY 01: Monday (23 Mar 2015)
Route: Kuala Lumpur – Kota Kinabalu
KK City Tour

(A group photo before boarding)

Today is the start of our Kembara Borneo. We will be riding through Sabah, Brunei and Serawak with 15 others. The discovery Borneo on wheels, is organised by Wilhin Motor Club and this is the first time we are joining the club. Last Friday we had arranged with MAScargo to fly our motorbikes and we will collect them at the airport in Kota Kinabalu.

We had earlier booked a taxi from our Bidara house to the airport at 0500. In KLIA we performed our Subuh prayers and by 0630 we completed group check-in. The MH2612 0830 flight to Kota Kinabalu was smooth. We were supposed to collect our motorbikes at MASKargo when we arrived but unfortunately our cargo will only arrive tomorrow afternoon.

At the arrival hall we were greeted by officers from the Skuad Muda 1-JPJ Sabah. Two vans were available to transport us and our luggage to Kota Kinabalu town. On the way, we had an early lunch at Restoran D’Marlindo. The restaurant serves a variety of dishes and local delicacies.

(Arriving at Kota Kinabalu International Airport)
(The bikers gang on arrival)

It was still early to check in the hotel so we started our tour to some of the attractions around Kota Kinabalu. Our first destination was the Monsopiad Cultural Village, also known as the house of skulls situated at Kampung Kuai Kandazon besides the Penampang River. The cultural village was opened to commemorate the life and time, some three centuries ago, of the legendary fearsome Kadazan Warrior and head-hunter, Monsopiad. The village also offers the insight into the life of the biggest ethnic entity in Sabah, the Kadazan-Dusun.

(Visiting the village of the famous head-hunter)
(Collection of skulls hanging from the ceiling)
(The cafe by the river)
(The hanging bridge over Penampang River)

Our next destination was a unique upside down house in Jalan Telibong, Tamparuli. The ‘Rumah Terbalik’ is the first of its kind in South-East Asia and among the five upside-down structures in the world. There are some distinguishing Sabahan décor and features showcased in this house.

(Feeling a little dizzy in the upside down house)
(Upside down washroom)
(A group photo in front of 'Rumah Terbalik')

We finally checked-in the Promenade Hotel and had time for a refreshing shower and a short rest. By 1700 we gathered at the hotel lobby to meet with the Sabah bikers who were ready to escort us to the Marina at Sutera Harbour Resort. When we arrived at the Marina, we were in time to watch the stunning beautiful sunset with yachts and sailboats in the foreground.

Tonight we were honored to have dinner at the Sutera Harbour Country Club hosted by the Sabah Tourism Board. While we had dinner from the wide selections of buffet spread, we were entertained by the cultural dancers and musicians depicting the various indigenous ethnic groups of Sabah, the Kadazan Dusun, Bajau, Murut, Suluk, Malay and Chinese.

(A warm welcome from Sabah Tourism Board and Sabah bikers)
(The Club house overlooking the Marina)
(Beautiful girls with welcoming smiles)
(The Marina at dusk, clear sky and calm sea)
(A good sumptuous dinner)
(Cultural show entertaining the bikers group)
(Bikers trying the bamboo dance)

After a sumptuous dinner, formalities and group photo, we went to the Central Market where they sold freshly supply of vegetables and fish and also varieties of dried sea catch. Next we visited the Filipino Market for local souvenirs and handicrafts.

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