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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Kembara Borneo Day 03 - Brunei/Miri

“In books I have traveled, not only to other worlds, but into my own…” – Anna Quindlen

(The lady bikers at Brunei's Kampong Ayer)

DAY 03: Wednesday (25 Mar 2015)
Route: Keningau - Kemanis - Sipitang - Lawas - Brunei - Miri
Total distance: 380 km

This morning we had a free breakfast, courtesy of Haji Rahmat, who is the owner of the restaurant and is also an ardent biker. Before we started riding, as usual, we had a group photo followed by a short briefing and reciting of prayers.

(A group photo in front of Rahmat Cafe)
(A Keningau Biker leading the way)
(The convoy riding into the morning mist)

We started riding out of Keningau in the early morning mist on the Keningau/Kemanis highway. Although the highway is only a short distance, the steepness is between 10 to 20 percent. One interesting feature of this highway is that there is a gravity hill situated around 11 km from Keningau but unfortunately, because of time constraint, we did not stop to test the magnetic properties of the hill. We stopped for a panoramic view from Punchak Kemanis on the Crocker Range for photo shots.

(Puncak Kemanis, a beautiful panoramic view)
(The KeTaM taking a rest)
(Misty and cool weather on top of the mountain)

We continued riding, passing the town of Beaufort and again stopped for a short rest at Sipitang promenade. From Sipitang we continued to Lawas crossing the Sabah/Sarawak border at Sindumin. In Lawas we were met by the Skuad JPJ and Lawas bikers. After a brief formality and a free drink at a riverside Pusat Niaga, we started riding towards Mengkalap CIQ, the Sarawak/Brunei border.

From Mengkalap we crossed Brunei to exit at Pandaruan CIQ, the Brunei/Sarawak border. From Pandaruan we rode to Limbang and entered Brunei again at Tedungan CIQ, the Sarawak/Brunei border. Border crossings between Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei were smooth and hassle free but it was quite a tiring process of passport stampings at every check points especially when the weather is extremely hot and humid.

(A long and winding road)
(Passing through the town of Beaufort)
(Approaching the town of Sipitang)
(A short rest at Sipitang Esplanade)
(Sipitang jetty with miles of beautiful coastline)
(Entering the first Sabah/Sarawak border crossing)
(Riding on Sarawak land to Lawas)
(Crossing rivers and mountains)
(Entering Lawas town)
(Escorted by Sarawak riders)
(Riding with care to cross smaller towns)
(Border crossing at Menkalap CIQ)
(Crossing Sarawak/Brunei border)
(Riding on Brunei land for a distance)
(Crossing the Sarawak/Brunei Friendship Bridge)
(Bikers waiting for their passports to be stamped)
(Heavy traffic at Limbang CIQ)
(Riding carefully with traffic flow)
(Watching out for the signages)

At the Kuala Lurah Brunei border, we were met and escorted by the Brunei Bikers to Bandar Seri Begawan where we had lunch hosted by PAMODA at one of the restaurant. After a brief formality, we were escorted to ride around town and later stopped by the riverside at Dermaga DiRaja Bandar Seri Begawan where we had a nice view of Brunei Kampong Ayer. The water village is situated over Brunei Bay. The residents of Kampong Ayer represents roughly ten percent of total Brunei population. All houses and buildings in Kampong Ayer are constructed on stilts.

(Kuala Lurah Brunei border crossing)
(The group being escorted by Brunei Bikers) 
(The Dos and Don'ts in Brunei)
(Having lunch with PEMODA) 
(Riding around Bandar Seri Begawan)
(Passing through Jerudung Park)
(Riding with care on foreign land)
(One of the many mosques in town)
(Clean and not so busy township)
(Riders abiding to traffic signages)

We had light refreshment and met with more Brunei Bikers at the Dermaga. Later we rode to Masjid Omar Ali Saifuddin to perform our Zohor/Asar prayers before we bade goodbyes to the Brunei Bikers and rode towards Sungai Tujuh CIQ at the Brunei/Sarawak border. We were held up for a while at the border when one of the biker's passport was not stamped on entering Brunei. With proper documentations and explanations, the problem was settled amicably.

(A nice view of the Kampong Ayer)
(Biker girls wanna have fun...)
(Opportunity for a group photo)
(A Brunei biker, we met in KL recently)
(Jetty for boats ferrying passengers)
(A photo shot in front of the mosque)
(The sun is setting when we rode towards the border)
(Massive bush fires along the route)

At Sungai Tujuh Sarawak border, we were met by JPJ officers and were escorted to Miri town where we had dinner at one of the restaurant. After dinner we checked-in at the Dynasty Hotel for the night.

(The last border crossing between Brunei/Sarawak)
(JPJ and Miri Bikers greeted us at the border)
(Having dinner with Miri Bikers and JPJ Officials)

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