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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Kembara Borneo Day 02 - Keningau

“I have found out that there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them…” – Mark Twain

(The Tip of Borneo - Deja vu)

DAY 02: Tuesday (24 Mar 2015)
Route: KK - Kudat - Ranau - Keningau
Total distance: 478 km

As we will be collecting our motorbikes from the MASKargo in the afternoon we packed our bags early in the morning and put them aside for fast check-out later.

After a heavy breakfast in the hotel café, we drove 181 km in two vans towards Kudat to visit the Tip of Borneo, situated at Tanjung Simpang Mengayau. The journey took more than 3 hours. We arrived at the Tip of Borneo around 1045 and had photo shots of the beautiful surrounding scenery. This headland is situated in the northern-most tip of Borneo in the Kudat Peninsula where the South China Sea meets the Sulu Sea. From the pathway leading down to the tip, we could get a stunning view of the beautiful beach of Pantai Kalampunian and the Pulau Kalampunian Lighthouse.

(The path leading to the tip)
(The prominent landmark, the world globe)
(The northern most part of Borneo)
(One for the album)

As it was already late, we skipped lunch and drove direct to the hotel by 1400 to check-out and in time to fetch our motorbikes at MASkargo. With the assistance of the Sabah bikers and officials from JPJ, we had a fast and hassle-free clearance and by 1600, after a short briefing and reciting of prayers, we started riding out of town escorted by the JPJ officials. There were altogether 11 motorbikes and a van as the support vehicle in our convoy.

(Our motorbikes landed safely in Sabah)
(Thorough checks on the KeTaM)
(A token of appreciation to Skuad Muda 1-JPJ and Sabah bikers)

It was already late afternoon when we started riding but as everyone was hungry we stopped at a road-side warong ayam penyet in Tamparuli for a very late lunch.

(Riding out of town)
(Restoran Ayam Penyet at Tamparuli)

We continued our journey by riding on the winding steep road with sweeping curves towards Kundasang. The scenery was amazingly beautiful with Mount Kinabalu in the background. Although most of the time, it was covered with clouds, it was still an awesome sight. We stopped at Pekan Nabalu to have photo shots with the majestic Mount Kinabalu during the sunset.

(Riding in a disciplined convoy)
(Riding the sweeping curves)
(Going uphill and downhill towards Kundasang)
(More twisties ahead, a good view of Mt Kinabalu)
(The sun is setting in the horizon)
(The majestic Mt Kinabalu, covered with clouds)
(The two orange motorbikes, a Versys and a KTM)
(Facing the mountain, our back to the camera) 
(Where are the lady bikers?)

It was already dark when we rode towards Keningau. The winding hilly road with sharp curves was unfamiliar and we rode carefully avoiding hazardous large potholes and damaged roadsides. There were dangerously unmarked landslides at some parts of the road too. As we rode cautiously and at a slower speed, a few of us were lagging behind quite a distance.

(A beautiful sunset)
(A short rest in Ranau)

Although way behind the first group, we arrived safely and checked-in the Queen Hotel in Keningau. Keningau is about 131 km from Kota Kinabalu and situated in a valley bordered by the Crocker Range and the Trus Madi Range.

We had a late dinner at Haji Rahmat Restaurant situated just across the hotel.

(Hungry bikers with Hj Rahmat, the owner of the restaurant)
(A large bowl of hot Sup kaki kambing)

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