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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Kembara Borneo Day 05 - Kuching

“There ain’t no journey what don’t change you some…” – David Mitchell

(The junction to Lubuk Antu)

DAY 05: Friday (27 Mar 2015)
Route: Sibu - Seri Aman - Serian – Kuching
Total distance: 419 km

It was drizzling slightly when we started riding. From the hotel we were escorted by Skuad JPJ and bikers rode carefully as the road was wet and slippery. The sky was cloudy and it started to rain heavily on the way.

Halfway to Sri Aman, at the Lubuk Antu junction, we detoured when one of the riders need to stop for toilet break. The rest continued riding and waited for us before proceeding to Taman Panorama Benak in Sri Aman.

(Our support vehicle with Amin, the driver)
(Motorbikes neatly parked, ready to roll)
(A group photo with JPJ officials)
(Riding safely in a convoy)
(Dark clouds looming in the horizon)
(Escorted by Skuad Muda 1-JPJ)
(It was raining heavily on the way)
(Convoy led by Bro Ipin)
(Detouring to the Tidal Bore site at Sri Aman)

Sri Aman is famous for the Benak, or Tidal Bore, of the Batang Lupar River. The Tidal Bore mud wave is ranked in the list of Top 10 Tidal Bores in the world. We visited the museum and had a short video presentation of the Tidal Bore. We were informed that there was a mild mud wave earlier this morning.

(A welcoming archway of Sri Aman)
(Visiting the Taman Panorama Benak by the river)
(A briefing and exchange of tokens)
(Bikers listening seriously to the briefing)
(At the Tidal Bore Museum)
(A picture of the mud wave)
(A group photo)
(And one for the album)

After a few group photos with the Museum and JPJ officials we rode to Hamdi Café for a light lunch. We were later escorted to a JPJ office in Serian for high tea. From Serian, accompanied by the Sarawak bikers, we thronged the after office traffic to Kuching. It started raining again when we approached town. We checked in Merdeka Palace and had a short rest before our next activity at night.

(Having a light lunch at Hamdi Cafe)
(Wet and slippery road after a heavy rain)
(A high-tea hosted by JPJ Serian)
(Neatly parked bikes, KTM without the vest)
(A row of Sarawak Bikers motorbikes)
(A good comradeship and brotherhood)
(Riding towards Kuching)
(Heavy traffic on the way)
(Still drizzling as we approached town centre)
(Arriving at Merdeka Palace)

Tonight we had dinner at the famous Top Spot Food Court in the heart of Kuching town. The food court is located at the top of a massive multi-level carpark. Top Spot has the loud and lively feel of a hawker centre with variety of seafood and local dishes to choose from.

After dinner, some rode to the water front for a teh Tarik session, some rode around town to look for souvenirs and others rode back to the hotel to have a good night sleep.

(The famous seafood food court in Kuching)
(Free and easy colorful dress code)
(Crispy oyster omelette, a local delicacy)

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