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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Day 8: 4-Nation Ride (Luang Prabhang)

"It requires less character to discover the faults of others, than to tolerate them..." - J Petit Senn

(Ready for a more challenging ride in Laos)

Date: 18 December 2014 (Thursday)
Route: Oudomxay - Luang Prabhang
Distance: 207 km
Hotel: Vanida Sala Prabhang Hotel

A note of caution to tourists: please read and understand Laos regulations and the do's and don'ts while you are in Laos.

We had bad news early in the morning. One of the bikers in our group was fined because a cigarette butt was found in the room and the use of hotel towels to wipe dirt and mud off the helmet and boots. After a brief negotiation with the hotel management and a 10 percent discount, the biker still had to pay USD50. At least he was given the dirty towel for keeps.

(Riding out of Oudomxay in the morning sun)
(Staying around the bon-fire to keep warm)
(The starting of a muddy slippery off-roading)
(The road is under construction, for years)
(Dusty when the road is dry)
(Dust covered houses along the route)
(Some stretches of road is partially paved)
(Riders stopping to look for toilets)
(Passing through hill villages)
(Riding with dust getting into our eyes and throats)
(A toilet break, in the middle of nowhere)
(Even trees and vegetations are covered with dust)
(Riding steadily with caution)
(Meeting the hill tribe kids)
(Young girls heading to the market place)
(Passing through a busy market place)
(A lady dressed in vibrant colors, walking on a dusty road)
(A milestone, a good indicator of distance)
(Bikers giving ways to heavy vehicles)

Today's journey to Luang Prabhang was quite challenging. Simply put, it was a long, dusty, bumpy and winding road trip all the way. At the start of the journey the road is asphalt and in relatively good shape. Then the route conditions turned from poor to worst with endless potholes and loose gravels due to erosions. At one point we had to ride on an unpaved dusty red mud road for more than 80 km.

(Stopping at Pak Mong to clear off the dust)
(A time to refuel our empty tanks)
(Riding on a better road to Luang Prabhang)
(Motorbikes parked for the night)
(Getting ready for the boat ride)

We handled our off-roading with caution and care. We heard that there were quite a few mishaps that happened to those skilled riders who were over-confident but not careful to handle the unpaved road. We arrived safely at Vanida Sala Hotel situated along the Mekong River in Luang Prabhang around 16:00 and had ample time to rest before taking a boat ride upstream and watched the beautiful sunset. Luang Prabhang is the former capital of Laos and is now a UNESCO World Heritage city set at the confluence of two rivers against verdant greenery and rugged mountains.

(Riders spending the afternoon on a boat cruise) 

(An opportunity to lay back and rest) 
(Taking pictures of the scenery)
(Another tourist boat cruise) 
(Watching the beautiful sunset from the boat)
(The sunset from the jetty)
(Feeling hungry after the boat ride)

We had seafood dinner at the riverside restaurant and later meandered the narrow streets of the night market for souvenir shopping. Before we walked back to our hotel, we bought a few French baguettes in case we could not find food on the road tomorrow.

(Dinner at the waterfront)
(Pretty white bell flowers)
(Waiting for dinner to be served)
(Looking for souvenirs at the night market)
(An oil painting of a Lao woman)

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