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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Day 6: 4-Nation Ride (Chiang Khong)

"Don't be afraid to go into the mist. Be excited because you don't know where you will end up..."

(Walking in the morning mist)

Date: 16 December 2014 (Tuesday)
Route: Phu Chi Fa - Chiang Khong
Distance: 81 km
Hotel: Sophaphan Guesthouse

This morning we started a little late to avoid the morning fog.

The journey from Phu Chi Fa to Chiang Kong was smooth although there were a few instances where we needed to be careful to avoid deep ruts on the off-road tracks. At some points there was zero visibility and we need to allow the mist to clear before we could continue riding down the mountainous road.

(Cheerful and energetic lot)
(A junction, another route to ride)
(Riding above the clouds)
(Winding hilly road)
(A photo shot with the KTM)
(The sunflowers amid the clouds and the mountains)
(A group photo on the mountain)
(Motorbikes parked neatly by the roadside)
(A captivating scenery from high above the clouds)
(A small hill resort chalet overlooking the valley)
(Absorbing the beautiful scenery)
(Riding downhill cautiously on the off-road track)
(Bikers stopped to test their brakes)
(The morning mist covering our path)
(Minimal visibility, dangerous to continue riding)
(Waiting for the mist to clear)

We arrived at Chiang Khong around noon and had mihun soup for lunch at one Muslim stall and as this was the one and only Muslim stall, we made arrangements for the owner to cook us dinner. Chiang Khong town is only visited as a stop-off point en-route Laos, and is the Thai counterpart to the Laos border town of Huay Xai, just across the Mekong.

(Road signage to Chiang Khong)
(Mekong River separating Thailand and Laos)
(The Guesthouse by the riverside)
(Long-tailed boats ferrying passengers across the border)
(A stroll by the waterfront)
(A brief afternoon walk)
(Vegetables garden on the river bed)

We checked in Sophanphan Guesthouse strategically situated by the river. There wasn’t much to do in Chiang Khong but it was still early in the afternoon. We washed our dirty clothes and hung them to dry as the day was still bright and sunny. After a good shower, a few of us walked to town and had an hour of hard body massage and another hour of foot massage. After the massage, we walked along the Mekong River and watched long-tail boats ferrying passengers across the river.

(Waiting for our transport)
(Cobweb in the hotel lobby)

Later at the guesthouse we had coffee and biscuits for tea with the gang while waiting for dinner. The owner of the Muslim stall arranged three tuk-tuks to take us to his stall for dinner and sent us back to the guest house after.

(Riders cramped into a tuk-tuk)
(A delicious dish, a fried fish with somtam)
(Hungry bikers waiting for their rice)

Tonight we bought packets of Maggie, bread and bottled drinks as we will be entering Laos tomorrow and it is difficult to buy provisions along the way.

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