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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Day 13: 4-Nation Ride (Chumphon)

"The world is but a canvas to the imagination..." - Henry David Thoreau

(Vibrant colors of our early morning ride)

Date: 23 December 2014 (Wednesday)
Route: Bangkok - Chumphon
Distance: 483 km
Hotel: Thung Wua Laen Resort

The alarm woke us up at 03:00 and we got ready to check out. By 04:15 we rode out of Bangkok avoiding the morning traffic which is said to be massive if we are late. It was already busy when we passed the market place. But it was a smooth ride out of the city.

(A beautiful sunrise on the horizon)
(Overloading and near toppling load)
(Riding with care at a safe distance)
(Pit stop for refueling and coffee break)
(CDs of evergreen oldies)

The weather was very windy and cold early in the morning. We stopped to refuel, performed our subuh prayers at the Amazon Cafe and had a steaming cup of hot coffee and chicken pie for breakfast.

We continued riding the Highway 4 all the way towards Chumphon. Everyone was tired and sleepy so we rode slowly keeping a safe distance between us.

(Securing a broken side box)
(Injured side box ripped-off from its bracket)
(The KTM box finally secured)
(Another mishap, one after another)
(Fixing the GTR's flat tyre)

Unfortunately, about 65 km from Chumphon there was a slight incident when two bikes passed each other too close and knocked each other’s side boxes. Nobody was injured but the side boxes needed to be secured using cable ties and bungee cords to make sure that the boxes would not fell off.

(Fishermen's boats with their catch of the day)
(Strong wind and rough sea)
(Our lodging for the night)
(Time for a stroll along the pristine beach)

We reached Nana Beach Chumphon and checked-in the chalets by the beach at Thung Wua Laen Resort. After settling down, we had seafood fried rice cooked by the owner of the chalets.

(The colorful display at the entrance)
(A self-service coin operated petrol pump)
(Taking a rest under the shade before lunch)
(One of the many beaches in Chumphon)

(A hot sunny weather at Nana Beach)

We spent the rest of the afternoon sleeping in the cool air-conditioned room. At night we had roti telor and roti pisang dinner at the gazebo packed from a nearby Muslim restaurant.

(Cool iced drinks to quench our thirst)
(Feeling sleepy after a sumptuous lunch)
(Hungry bikers savouring seafood fried rice)
(Packed dinner under the gazebo)

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