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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Sarajevo 2012 - Tunnel of hope...

Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out?..."

(An oil painting of Sarajevo...)

14/04/2012 (Saturday)

After breakfast we started our tour of Sarajevo with a visit to the Tunnel of Hope, a tunnel dug by the people of Sarajevo when the city was under the 4-year siege by the Serbian army.

(Our local tour guide...)
(The tunnel starts from a garage...)
(A house, totally destroyed...)
(Waiting in line to enter the narrow tunnel...)
(A safe walkway to cross the bombarded town...)
(Taking a peek of the tunnel of hope...)
(Careful!.. Danger ahead...)

Later we had a walking tour of Sarajevo in the drizzling rain and visited historical mosques including Masjid Gazi Husrevby, Masjid Ali Pasha, Masjid Czar’s, Masjid Bascarsija, Old Orthodox Church, Museum Icons, Town Hall, Bazaar and Copper Smith road.

(A typical street crowded with tourists...)
(The grand clock tower...)
(A fountain of cool spring water...) 
(Inside the compund of Masjid Ghazi...)

Sarajevo is the capital and the largest city in Bosnia. It is located in Sarajevo valley and surrounded by the Dinaric Alps and situated along Miljacka river. The city is famous for its various religious beliefs including Islam, Ortodox Christian, Catholic and Jews, co-existing for decades. Thus Sarajevo is also known as “Jerusalem of Europe” or “Jerusalem of Balkans”

(Taking a rest after the walking tour...)
(The old camel stop, outside the covered bazaar...)
(Colorful tram criss-crossing the city...)
(The writing on the wall of the Synagogue...)

After the city tour we broke off from the group and went for a little souvenir shopping then rested in the room until it was time for dinner. It was raining dogs and cats when we walked quite a distance away from our hotel to Restaurant Lovac situated behind the Cathedral. It was a 3-course dinner accompanied by live local and western music.

(Raw cabbage and tomato dish...)
(Sweet pomegranate, a popular fruit in Bosnia...)
(Ready for the road @ Astra Garni Hotel...)

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