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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Dubrovnik 2012 - Every stone has a tale...

"Conquer our habits or they will conquer you..." - Rob Gilbert

(Beautiful scenic view along the route...)

15/04/2012 (Sunday)

At 09:00 the bus started leaving Sarajevo and headed towards Dubrovnik in Croatia through Konijc, a city totally destroyed during the war and has since been rebuilt and transformed.

(View of the town from Jablanica rest area...)

Along the way, we had a short pit stop at a restaurant outside Jablanica for a toilet break and scenic photo shots of the untouched nature's beauty surrounding the hydro-electric dam. The restaurant's quaint atmosphere is an idle halfway stop for travelers going towards the Adriatic Sea and one of its specialties is grilled lamb.

(An imposing castle at the hill top...)
(Spring bloom of Jacaranda...)

The picturesque mountain route followed along the river Neretva. The river is in abundance of fresh water fish and scattered salmon farmeries could be seen along the route. There were many private and government owned vineyards, fruits and vegetable farms and we passed one of the many famous breweries of Bosnia along the way. On the way, we passed the city of Mostar but will only stop for a night when we return from Dubrovnik.

( A photo outside the mosque...)
(Maze of cobble stone walk way...)
(Narrow alleys and small exits...)

We had lunch at Staklo Restaurant in Pocitelj and later visited Masjid Hadzi Alija. From the mosque we had a good view of the Sahat Kula fortress perched imposingly on top of the hill facing the town of Pocitelj. In its time, the fortress served as a protective wall against enemy invasions that came from Neretva Valley.

(The start of a walking tour of the old city of Dubrovnik...)
(The North entrance to the city...)
(A Croatian cat having a sun bath...)

We passed the resort city of Neum by the Adriatic Sea. This is the only resort city by the Adriatic Sea which belongs to Bosnia which has only 10 km long of coastline, whereas Croatia has more than 1000 km coastal line along the Adriatic Sea.

(Outside a typical souvenir shop...)
(The side alley by the Cathedral...) 
(Glistening blue Adreatic sea at the water front...)

We went through border checks, criss-crossing between Bosnia and Croatia and reached Dubrovnik around 16:00. Roberto, our local guide was already waiting for us outside the old city of Dubrovnik.

(The jetty for a boat cruise...)
(The old city at night...)

The old city of Dubrovnik has been recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site. The panoramic view of Dubrovnik old city is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful sights in the world. The impressive city walls in contrast with the turquoise blue Adriatic Sea is simply breathtaking. We had a 2-hour tour and by walking through the streets, every stone had a tale to tell and we had a glimpse of the history through the candid narration of our guide. The visit included the Rector’s Palace, Fransican Monastery, the Clock Tower, Orlando’s Columns, many churches and a mosque and ended the walking tour at Sponze Plaza. We had dinner on the terrace by the sea at Poklisar Restaurant overlooking the scenic water front. For dinner we had Risoto, a dish which needs an acquired taste to appreciate and had a taste of the local ice cream.

(Time for a good rest...)

We spent the night at Kompas Hotel Dubrovnik a short drive away from the city.

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