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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Algeria Day 05: Algiers - Glistening White Buildings...

“Being kind, being compassionate, being respectful does not make you weak. More often, it's the harder path to take...” - Liza M. Wiemer

(Jardine D'Essai du Hamma)

Day 05: 08 October 2016 (Saturday)
Route: Algiers City Tour
Hotel: Albert City Centre Hotel, Algiers

Algiers is the capital and largest city of Algeria. The city's population was estimated to be around 3.5 million. Algiers is located on the Mediterranean Sea and in the north-central portion of Algeria. Sometimes nicknamed El-Behdjaor alternatively Alger la Blanche for the glistening white of its buildings as seen rising up from the sea. 

(Early morning start for Algiers day tour)
(The Grand Poste - a fine example of French architecture)
(Plenty of time for Algiers sight-seeing)
(One of the many rainbow colored modern buildings)

The modern part of the city is built on the level ground by the seashore; the old part, the ancient city of the deys, climbs the steep hill behind the modern town and is crowned by the casbah or citadel, 122 meters above the sea. The Casbah and the two quays form a triangle.

(Martyr Tower commemorating the independence) 
(A statue of a soldier)
(The shape of three palm leaves)

We visited the Maqam El-Shahid Matyr's tower or the Martyrs' Memorial. It is an iconic concrete monument commemorating the Algerian war for independence. The monument was opened in 1982 on the 20th anniversary of Algeria's independence. It is fashioned in the shape of three standing palm leaves which shelter the ‘Eternal Flame’ beneath. At the edge of each palm leaf stands a statue of a soldier, each representing a stage of Algeria's struggle. The monument has been erected on the site of an ancient military fort.

(Visiting the Museum of Mujahid)
(Housing the memory of the dead during the war) 
(A panoramic view of Algiers city)
(A glimpse of Algiers Port)
(Modern apartments in the suburb)

The site includes a crypt, an amphitheater and the Museum of El Mujahid. No photography was allowed in the Museum but we were given a special permission to have a few group photos in the main hall. 

(Jardine D'Essai, a test garden and a zoo)
(The many species of flora from all over the world)
(Intertwined branches forming an arch)
(Walking around under the shade of unique trees)
(Buttress roots of huge trees in the garden)
(The Martyre Tower viewed from the garden)
(A weekend recreational place for families)
(Beautiful fountains decorating the garden)
(The garden was extended many times)
(A section with bamboo trees)

We next visited the Jardine D'Essai du Hamma. The experimental botanical garden is a 58-hectare garden with an estimated 1,200 different species of plants. It is now still considered one of the most important botanical gardens in the world.

(Finding the exit out of the garden)
(Exiting the experimental garden of D'Essai)
(The entrance of the Jardine D'Essai subway station)
(We are taking the train back to our hotel)
(Taking the right train to Tafourah)
(The station was empty around this time of the day)
(Travelling during off-peak hours)

From Jardine D’Essai we took a Metro ride from Jardine Station to Tafourah Station, five stations away.

From the Tafourah Metro station we walked back to our hotel where our van was waiting to drive us to a restaurant outside town for lunch. It was situated somewhere near the local agent's office. We had Beef stew with kuskus and had Iceberg banana split Ice cream after. On the way back we stopped at a perfume shop to buy rose scented olive oil. 

(Arriving at Tafourah station near Albert Hotel)
(A replica of the Arc De Triomphe)
(A replica of ancient ship by the beach)
(The many views of city of Algiers)
(A must eat everyday - a dish of pickled olives)
(A glimpse of the Grand Mosque of Algeria under construction)

Back in the hotel we took a nap for about an hour. Then later took a stroll along the shopping streets and bought some souvenirs. On the way back to the hotel we walked to the Algiers Port passing by the Parliament House and the old Grand Post Office.

(A souvenir shop selling local souvenirs)
(Walking along the shopping streets of Algiers)
(Place de 'Emir-Abdelkader)
(The statue of 'Emir-Ebdelkader)
(One of the many mosques along the streets)
(Waiting for the sunset at Algiers Port)
(Archades of the Ville Blanche)

The port of Algiers is open to the Mediterranean Sea and it is located in the north-western part of the Bay of Algiers. We took a stroll on the boulevard Zirout Youssef and the bridge which spans over the railroad.

We had dinner in the hotel with the rest of the group.

(Cruise ships moving in and out of the port)
(Walking back to the hotel keeping to the main road)
(Our dinner at the hotel restaurant)

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