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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Algeria Day 02: Tipaza - Bustling Fishing Port and Sandy Littoral...

“Some beautiful paths can't be discovered without getting lost...” - 
Erol Ozan

(The fishing port of Tipaza)

Day 02: 05 October 2016 (Wednesday)
Route: Algiers - Tipaza
Distance: 93 km
Hotel: Corne D'or Seaside Resort

Our QR1379 flight from Doha to Algiers took more than 6 hours.

We arrived at Algiers International Airport around noon. Although there were not many flights arriving at the same time, it took more than 2 hours for immigration and baggage clearance.

(Arrival terminal at Algiers International Airport)
(A cheery bright blue sky greeting us)

We were met by our local agents Mr. Fayiz, Mr. Kamal and Mr. Aziz, our driver. After airport clearance we performed our prayers then boarded a 20-seater van which was too small to accommodate all 15 of us plus our over-sized baggage.

(Arriving at the fishing port of Tipaza) 
(Dauphin Restaurant, a popular seafood outlet)
(Fishermen selling their fresh catch)

From the airport we traveled to Tipaza, a town 93 km from Algiers. Tipaza is the Berber-speaking city and capital of the Tipaza Province. When it was part of the Roman Empire, it was called Tipasa. Tipaza is chiefly remarkable for its ancient ruins and sandy littoral.

We had a late lunch of grilled fish and prawns at Restaurant Dauphin, one of the many seafood restaurants around the fishing port. We had the opportunity of watching the sunset from the man-made reef barrier by the Mediterranean Sea.

(The bustling fishing port)
(One of the many light houses)
(Light houses and the man-made reef barrier) 
(Fishermen's boats docking at end of day)
(The boats neatly parked for the night)
(Watching the sunset from the top of the reef barrier)

(Panoramic view of Tipaza fishing port)

We checked in Hotel Club Corne D'or, a secluded seaside resort and skipped dinner.

The resort reminded me of Santorini with white washed buildings and blue coloured doors and windows. The hotel room was cave-like, with low ceiling and maze-like passageway leading to the washroom and toilet. The air-conditioning was partially working. It switched on and off a few times during the night. Fortunately, there was hot water but the shower curtain was too short to prevent water from spraying out while showering, wetting the entire bed room.

(A secluded seaside resort, Club Corne D'or) 
(White-washed and blue berber-like dwellings)
(Refreshment at the resort cafe)

It was not only us experiencing the flooding. The rest had their share of misfortune too… ha ha…

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