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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Algeria Day 03: Tipaza - The Royal Tomb and Roman Ruins...

“Anyone who needs more than one suitcase is a tourist, not a traveler…” – Ira Levin

(The burial site of Cleopatra's daughter)

Day 03: 06 October 2016 (Thursday)
Route: Tipaza - Oran
Distance: 450 km
Hotel: Alandaluose Resort

We woke up very early. After Fajar prayers and shower, we took a morning walk around the resort and watched the sunrise from the horizon of the Mediterranean Sea. By 7:30 am we had breakfast, checked-out and got ready to visit the historical sites in Tipaza.

(Small individual chalets)
(An early morning stroll around the resort)
(Kayak facilities available for rental)
(A quiet and peaceful surrounding)
(The rocky beach of Corne D'or)
(A beautiful sunrise along the horizon)
(Speed boats and jet-ski facilities available)
(An old garrison in the background)
(The Club Corne D'or Complex)
(Having Algerian breakfast at the cafe)
(Our 20-seater coaster throughout the trip)

Our first stop was at the Mauretanian Historical Grave, the royal tomb where it is believed to be the tomb of Juba II and Cleopatra Selene II, the daughter of Cleopatra. The mausoleum is called the Kubr-er-Rumia, which means the tomb of the Roman woman.

(A UNESCO Heritage site)
(We were too early. The gate was closed!)
(The circular Mauretanian Royal Tomb)
(Edible cactus fruit, ripe and juicy) 
(Ardent travelers and explorers)

Next we visited the Cherchell Museum Located in the center of the seaport town. The Museum houses some of the best examples of Roman and Greek antiquities on the African continent.

(A small Cherchell Museum)
(Old mosaics on the walls and floors)
(Artifact and treasures from the excavation sites)
(An old Roman sarcophagus)
(A carved block of stone)

We later had a walking tour of Tipaza Roman Historical Ruins on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The ruins comprises a unique group of Phoenician, Roman, palaeochristian and Byzantine ruins alongside many indigenous monuments.

(Studying the layout of the archaeological site)
(Ancient carvings on a rock)
(Walking among the ruins)
(The many steps of the amphitheater)
(The ancient city by the Mediterranean Sea)
(Remaining pillars stood strong for centuries)
(Beautiful blue sky and blue ocean)
(A lone fisherman on the rocky beach)
(A delegation of foreigners visiting the historical site)
(Neatly carved tree trunk)

We started driving out of Tipaza around 10:30 am towards Oran, 450 km away taking the highway. Our van was escorted by the police throughout the journey. We stopped halfway at a restaurant along the highway to have lunch. While waiting for the rest to finish their lunch we visited a small zoo at the back of the restaurant.

(Desert Roses as souvenirs)
(Painted ceramic mugs and vases)
(Scenes of the Sahara on display plates)
(A souvenir shop in Tipaza)
(Long-eared foxes in captivity)
(One of the species of owls in the small zoo)

It was late afternoon when we reached Oran. We drove onward through steep mountainous road to a seaside resort about 40 km from town. We reached Les Andalouse Seaside Resort at dusk. After we checked in and sorted out our bags, only then we realised that the luggage of two of our members were missing. After much arguments with the local agent who already knew about the missing bags earlier, they promised to arrange for the left luggage to be sent direct to Algiers by tomorrow.

(Travelling to Oran in late afternoon)
(The sun is setting on the horizon)
(A winding mountainous road to the beach resort)
(Beautiful colors of the sky)

The seaside resort is modern and comfortable but we were supplied only with two small towels. We were told that it is a normal practice for resorts here to provide small towels. We were given towels after we made a request through the ground agent.

(A seaside resort a distance away from town)
(The view of the ocean at night)
(The cafe opens till late night)

After settling down, we had seafood dinner at the hotel restaurant. Again in this hotel we experienced water clogging in the shower.

(A platter of seafood dish)

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