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Monday, 23 December 2013

Day 2 : Solo ride - Ranong

"The greatest mistake we make is living in constant fear that we will make one..."

Saturday - 21 Dec 2013
Day 2: Phatthalung - Ranong

(Dark clouds looming on the horizon)
(The rain helps clean the mud off the bike)
(The front facade of Chaikana Thani Hotel)
(Riding with care on wet slippery road)

We were ready to check out by 0830 but it was raining very heavily. We waited for a while but when the rain did not stop, we put on our rain coats and started riding. 

On the way we stopped at a PTT petrol station to refuel and had our breakfast of halal burger and pizza from 7-eleven. We had a tall glass of iced Coffee from the Cafe Amazon to quench our thirst and cool down our bodies. We continued riding north on Highway 41 towards Chumphon.

(Favorite stop for coffee break)
(Halal pizza from 7-eleven)
(Refueling the KTM to the maximum)

By noon and about another 80km before Chumphon we took the junction towards Highway 4006 to Ranong. It was about 105km of hilly winding road but the road condition was excellent. This road to Ranong reminded me of a mini thousand corners.

(Taking the junction to Ranong)
(Good condition of hilly curvy road)
(Lookout for signage to the right direction) 
(Andaman Club Pier - a welcoming sign)
(The ferry terminal in Ranong)

Ranong is located on the Kra Isthmus, a narrow strip of land that connects Thailand with the Malay Peninsula, on the west of the Phuket mountain range. It has a long coast on the Andaman Sea. The province is known for having the highest rainfall in Thailand, the rainy season there lasting for about eight months.

Ranong is the least populated province; 80% of its area is covered by forests, and 67% is mountainous. The Ranong Biosphere Reserve in the north of Amphoe Kapoe, covering 303.09 km², was declared in 1997. It is the fourth biosphere reserve of Thailand, and the only one at the seacoast to protect the mangrove forests. Khlong Nakha Wildlife Sanctuary is in the south of the province.

After taking the winding road with a few sharp curves, we safely arrived at Ranong town. We rode direct to the ferry terminal at Andaman Club Pier and parked our bike at the secured parking lot. Here we settled documentations for Thailand/Myanmar border crossing and did reservation of hotel on Koh Son island. They made a photocopy of our passports and the ferry return tickets were issued. At this point, no payment was made yet. We had our passports stamped at the Thailand Immigration counter.

(Ready to board the ferry to Koh Son island)
(Full house in the ferry)
(A comfortable short ride)

By 1500 we boarded the Andaman Jet Ferry to cross the Andaman Sea to Koh Son island Myanmar. The ferry ride took less than 30 minutes.Once we reached the island ferry terminal we submitted our passports to the Myanmar Immigration. They retained our passports and will return them when we depart. Here we paid B950 per person for ferry and hotel transfer.

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