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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Holyhead, Wales - A busy Ferry Port...

"Take every chance you get in life, because some things only happen once..."

(Celtic Gateway Bridge, Holyhead)

Date: 12 May 2017 (Friday)
Route: Liverpool – Holyhead
Distance: 100 miles (1 hr 56 min)
Hotel: Holyhead Travelodge (£77/£61)

From Liverpool we drove on M53 towards the Welsh border, crossing the bridge over River Mersey. Liverpool is about 17 miles away from the nearest Wales-England Border. The route to Holyhead passed through Conwy, a beautiful compact seaside town.

(Moody weather all the way to Holyhead)
(Massive traffic on the bridge)
(Having tuna sandwich for lunch)
(Crossing the England/Wales border)
(Still cloudy and slight drizzle)
(Sharing the motorway with motorbikes)
(Passing through the town of Conwy)

Holyhead is the largest town in the county of Isle of Anglesey in Wales. It is also a community and a major Irish Sea port, serving Ireland. Despite being the largest town in the county, it is neither the county town nor actually on the island of Anglesey. 

(The Four Mile Bridge crossing)
(The main road heading towards Holyhead)

Holyhead is located on Holy Island, It was originally connected to Anglesey via Four Mile Bridge, so called because the bridge was four miles from Holyhead on the old turnpike Road. In the mid 19th century, a local philanthropist, funded the building of a larger causeway, known locally as "The Cobb", it now carries the A5 and the railway line. The A55 dual carriageway runs parallel to the Cobb on a modern causeway.

(A long and winding road to Holyhead)
(Entering the Holy Island)
(The breakwater shelter of the Port of Holyhead)

The Port of Holyhead is a commercial and ferry port in Anglesey, Wales, handling more than 2 million passengers each year. It is operated by Stena Line Ports Ltd. Stena Line and Irish Ferries sail from Holyhead to Dublin in Ireland, forming the principal link for surface transport from north Wales and central and northern England to Ireland. The port is partly on Holy Island and partly on Salt Island. It is made up of the Inner Harbour, the Outer Harbour and the New Harbour, all sheltered by a breakwater which, at 2.7 kilometres, is the longest in the UK.

(An evening walk to the Ferry Terminal)
(The Railway Station next to the Ferry Terminal)

There is access to the port via a building shared with Holyhead railway station, which is served by the North Wales Coast Line to Chester and London Euston. The walk between trains and ferry check in is less than two minutes, but longer from the remote platform 1, used by Virgin Trains.

( A pedestrian and cycle bridge)
(Pass this way with pure heart)
(A series of bronze plaques on the bridge) 
(The bridge is wheelchair and pram accessible)
(Reduce walking time across the railway lines)

The port is accessible to motor vehicles via both the A5 and the A55 roads. Pedestrian access from Holyhead town centre is via the Celtic Gateway, a bridge linking town and port, and takes about five minutes from our Travelodge. The largest ferries arrive and depart from the 300-metre Admiralty Pier.

(A war monument in town)
(In memory of those who died)
(Our lodging for two nights)

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