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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

2017 Umrah: Makkah/Ja’aranah

“The spiritual journey is one of continuous learning and purification. When you know this, you become humble…”

(Hilton main lobby, ready in our ihram)

Day 06:
16 March 2017 - Thursday

Today we went for a half-day tour of Interesting historical places around Makkah and had our miqat at Jaaranah for our 3rd Umrah. Places visited were Jabal Thur, Arafah and Jabal Rahmah, Mudzalifah, Muassim and Jabal Nur.

(Jabal Thur, at an altitude of 1,405 m)

Jabalt Thur is the mountain where the cave in which Rasulullah and Saidina Abu Bakar sought refuge for three days and nights from the Quraish as they left Makkah and emigrated to Madinah.

(The crowd at Jabbal Rahmah at Arafah)
(Climbing the steep slope of Jabal Rahmah)

Arafah is a plain about 20 km from Makkah. Jabal Arafah or Jabal Rahmah is a granite hill in Arafah reaching about 70 m in height and is also known as the Mount of Mercy, which is a meeting place between Adam and Eve after being exiled from heaven. There is a monument made ​​of concrete rectangular on top of Jabal Rahmah and the scenery of Arafah is beautiful from the top.

Jabal Rahmah is also a place for the historic journey of Rasulullah. It was there that he received the final revelation and delivered the Farewell Sermon to the Muslims who had accompanied him for the Hajj towards the end of his life.

(A walkway for the pilgrims during Hajj season)
(Tents at Muassim for the pilgrims) 

Masjid Jaaranah is situated approximately 24 km Masjidil-Haram and is one of the places where pilgrims miqat for Umrah. It was here Rasulullah camped a few days after the Battle of Hunain and entered into the state of Ihram and then proceeded to Makkah.

(Newly renovated Masjid Jaaranah)
(The Cemetery of Ma'ala)

Jannat al-Mu'alla, also known as the Cemetery of Ma'la and Al-Hajun, is a cemetery to the north of the Masjidil-Haram. It is the place where Rasulullah's wife Khadijah, grandfather, and other ancestors are buried. Muslim pilgrims who died in Makkah will be buried here

We performed the tawaf and saie on our own and completed our Umrah by 2:00 pm. We bought rice and some dishes from D’Saji and eat our early lunch in the hotel room.

We rested our tired muscles the rest of the afternoon. We performed our prayers in Masjidil-Haram.

(Pilgrims taking a rest at the corridor of Zam Zam Tower)

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