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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

2017 Umrah: Madinah city tour

“He who purifies himself at his home and comes to Masjid Quba and offers two rakaats therein, will be rewarded the reward of an Umrah…” - Sunan ibn Majah

(A nice drawing on the wall at a date plantation)

Day 03:
13 March 2017 - Monday

The city tour included a visit to Masjid Quba, Masjid Qiblatain, Jabar Uhud and other important historical sites around Madinah.

(A big bus for the day tour)
(Masjid Quba for sunat prayers)

Masjid Quba was our first stop where we performed our sunat prayers. Quba is the place on the outskirts of Madinah where Rasulullah accompanied by Abu Bakar arrived and first stayed after emigrating from Makkah.

(A large crowd at the Kurma souk)
(A cup of ice-cream to quench the thirst)

We stopped at one of the popular date plantations and bought some dates, raisins and nuts. The kurma souk was crowded with jemaah from Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. There was a free flow of tea for everyone.

(A mosque and street vendors at Jabal Uhud)
(Bukit Pemanah at Jabal Uhud)

The weather was sunny and cool when we reached Jabal Uhud. Jabal Uhud is a mountain north of Madinah. It is 1,077 m high and the site of the Battle of Uhud between Muslim and Makkah forces.

We completed the city tour just before Zohor prayers.

(A variety of delicious food and desert at the hotel)
(The huge umbrellas are closed at night)
(The prayer hall of Masjid Nabawi)

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