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Saturday, 10 September 2016

Umphang Trip Day 08: Chumphon - Hatyai

“Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful…”

(Aircraft Carrier Shrine in Lang Suan)

Day 08: 8 September 2016 (Thursday)
Route: Chumphon - Hatyai
Distance: 470 km
Hotel: Golden Crown Hotel

We had buffet breakfast in the hotel café. Today we planned to visit a few of the famous attractions of Chumphon, The Prince of Chumphon Shrines in Lang Suan and La Mae.

(Checking out after breakfast) 
(A nice water feature around the hotel)
(The head of a sleeping Buddha)

The Prince of Chumphon is proclaimed as The Father of Royal Thai Navy. He is worshipped by the navy personnel, the fisherman and the sailors. Some monuments were built to commemorate him and as a show of respect.

(The many attractions in Chumphon)
(The fishing village of Lang Suan)
(Just the two of us at Laem Son beach)
(Pak Nam Lang Suan beautiful beaches)

Pak Nam Lang Suan Aircraft Carrier

The Prince of Chumphon Shrine at Lang Suan is 74 km south of Chumphon Town. To get there we had to drive on Highway 41 then drove on Highway 4099 towards Pak Nam Lang Suan. From Pak Nam Lang Suan we headed towards Laem Son beach.
(The majestic Aircraft Carrier)
(Capturing a memory at Lang Suan)

The shrine is a model of HTMS Chakri Naruebet Aircraft Carrier. It is 29 meters wide, 79 meters long, and 6 meters tall. It was built by the local people who donated their money and labour to construct the aircraft carrier and shrine.

Wat Kho Khao, La Mae

Wat Kho Khao is 90 km south of Chumphon Town accessible via Highway 4019, about 25 km of coastal road from Lang Suan. The shrine is situated at the foot of the hill near Hat Sai Ri in which the prince had spent his last moments in life. The monument also includes the Wat Kho Khao shrine of Prince of Chumphon which stands on a torpedo warship.

(The torpedo warship and a shrine)
(The ship facing the ocean)

The Shrine is based on the motor vessel Chen Thale. The Shrine is slightly elevated over the surrounding area and offers a good view point towards the southern bay. The model warship is placed face-out to the sea, so it is a great spot to appreciate the beach scenery.

(Kho Khao Beach at the background)

On the rocky beach under the shrine, there are multiple headed dragons guarding a small holy cave.

After visiting the two Ship Shrines, we drove south towards Hatyai. It was raining non-stop all the way. At around 3:00 pm we stopped at a Muslim Pattani Restaurant at Thung Song for a late lunch.

(Halal food court at PTT Thung Song)
(A stall selling a variety of Pattani dishes) 
(Our lunch for today)
(It rained since noon)

When we arrived in Hatyai around 6:30 pm, it was still raining heavily. We checked in Golden Crown Hotel at B850/night. After an hour of strong relaxing Thai Massage, we went to have roti chanai dinner at the Grand Centara Hotel and later indulged in Pulut Durian and Teh Halia at Haji stall.

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