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Saturday, 10 September 2016

Umphang Trip Day 03: Kanchanaburi - Mae Sot

“One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation…” - Arthur Ashe

(The western most point of Thailand)

Day 03: 3 September 2016 (Saturday)
Route: Kanchanaburi – Mae Sot
Distance: 505 km
Hotel: Arisa Homes Hotel

We had our complimentary breakfast at the Luxury Hotel café.

(A clean comfortable hotel) 

By 8:45 am we started driving on highway 4 towards north. We had a short coffee break at the Amazon Café by a river in Chai Nat. We stopped for lunch around 12:30 pm at a Muslim Restaurant by the lakeside in Nakhon Sawan.

(A nice view from the Amazon Cafe, Chai Nat)
(A coffee break by the riverside in Chai Nat)
(Following the signage to the city of Nakhon Sawan)
(A busy road entering Nakhon Sawan)
(Hot steaming rice with beef soup and omelette for lunch)

From Tak we took the main road to the Thailand/Myanmar border town of Mae Sot. The road is undergoing massive road works and traffic was slow as there were many lorries carrying goods and produce to and from the border town. We arrived in Mae Sot around 5:00 pm and checked in Arisa Homes Hotel at B570/night. After a short rest and performed our prayers we drove to the Thailand/Myanmar border and visited the Western Most point of Thailand.

(Signage to the Thai/Myanmar border)
(Welcome to South Asia Gate)
(Massive road works from Tak to Mae Sot)
(A better part of the highway)
(A glimpse of the signage to Umphang)
(Our lodging for the night, Arisa Homes)

Mae Sot is notable as a trade hub and for its substantial population of Burmese migrants and refugees. The town is part of Tak Province and is the main gateway between Thailand and Myanmar. The Moei River serves as a natural border between Mae Sot and the Myanmar town of Myawaddy. Mae Sot is where Asian Highway AH1 links Thailand and Myanmar. 

It is one of the only three transnational roads and cross-border points across the Tenasserim Hills to Myanmar, along with Three Pagodas Pass and Phu Nam Ron. The Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge crossing the Moei River was constructed in 1997 completing the link between the two countries. At the entrance of the bridge is the immigration office which is open from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.

(The Thailand/Myanmar border complex)
(A road side cafe at the border)
(The Thai/Myanmar Friendship Bridge)
(Capturing the moment at the border)
(The map of Mae Sot tourist attractions)
(The Rim Moei Market next to the border)
(Buying Thai and Burmese products)

We bought some souvenirs and t-shirts at the Rim Moei Burmese Market. It rained heavily when we left town and drove 7 km to the Mae Sot 360 Viewpoint for a good view of the surrounding area. We had cappuccino and espresso with orange cheese cakes while waiting for the rain to stop.

(Taking a 360` view of the surrounding)
(Having some fun with the Spiderman)
(A stroll with the Incredible Hulk in the rain)
(My kind of Superman)
(Delicious orange cheese cake for tea)

We later had dinner at the Muslim Restaurant in front of the Darul-Islam Mosque in the middle of Mae Sot town.

(Mae Sot Clock Tower, a landmark)
(The Darul-Islam Mosque during Magrib)
(Roti telur with hot spicy curry)

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