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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Iran Day 13: Tehran

"Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel..." - Socrates

(The seven hard-core travelers)

Day 13: Saturday, 19 Mar 2016
Tehran City Tour
Hotel: Enghrlab Hotel, Tehran

It was a free and easy day for the sixteen of us. It was a clear cool sunny day. With five others we decided to explore Tehran on foot and visited some of the attractions around the route.

(An early morning walk)
(An interesting structure)
(Rooms and lodging at upper floor)
(Arabic murals on the wall)

Glass and Ceramic Museum Tehran

The museum is a two-storey octagonal building with suspended pillars and a basement. The architectural style of the building is a combination of the traditional Iranian style and the European architecture of the 19th century.

(The signage of the museum)
(A beautiful garden surrounding the mansion)
(The brochure of the Mosaic and Glass Museum)
(Some of the displays in the museum)
(A unique way of displaying artifacts)

The collection of glass and clay works that are on display at the museum is among the rare collections in Iran. It comprises clay pots dating back from the 4th millennium B.C. up to the present time as well as glass works from 1st millennium B.C. up to the contemporary era. European glass works belonging to the 18th and 19th centuries are also parts of the collection. The collection is on display in six halls and two entrance halls in separate sections depicting different historical eras and subjects.

(A beautiful staircase leading to the upper level)
(Display of colored vase and glasses)
(Miniature box with figurines)
(Another room with classy display columns)
(Reflection of me in the mirror)
(Antique ceramic display panels)
(Completed the tour of the museum)
(A familiar name of the street)

National Museum of Iran

The National Museum is an institution formed of two complexes, including the Museum of Ancient Iran, and the Museum of the post-Islamic Era. It hosts historical monuments dating back through preserved ancient and medieval Iranian antiquities, including pottery vessels, metal objects, textile remains, and some rare books and coins.

There are a number of research departments in the museum, including Paleolithic and Osteological departments, and a center for Pottery Studies.

(Aging for more than 70 years)
(The largest museum of History and Archaeology of the country)
(The entrance of the National Museum)
(A poster outside the museum)
(7,000 years old skeleton of an Iranian lady)
(Doctors examining the skeletal remains)
(Another section of the museum)
(The earliest stone age civilization)
(Reconstruction of a human face from a skull)
(The earlier Iranian explorers)
(Discussing the subjects on history)
(A unique figurine)
(Earthern wares of the past centuries)
(Neat artifacts displays)
(Paintings on the pottery of the Bakun culture)
(The ancient burial site)
(Another gallery, another story)
(A handsome ceramic bull)
(A shrunken human head)
(Another room for ceramic display)
(A replica of a wall from the Persepolis)
(Drinking water fountain)
(At the souvenir shop)

Shahr Park Tehran

Park e Shahr, literally the City Park, with its 64 acres, is a major park located in central Tehran. It is surrounded by Fayaz Bakhsh Street from the north, Hafez Street from the west, Behesht Street from the south and Khayyam Street from the east.

The Tehran Peace Museum is located at the northern gate of this park. Other notable sites of the park include a bird garden, an aquarium, and a central library.

(Visiting the City Park)
(Cool beautiful pool in the park)
(A pigeon tower in the City Park) 
(Beautiful flowering tulips, the start of spring)
(Purple tulips decorating the garden)
(Red and white tulips and other blooming flowers)
(Monument at the centre of the City Park)
(The birds sanctuary with life-size stone animals in cage)
(Many varieties of birds and ducks)

We walked back to the hotel using different route, passing through streets filled with vendors selling merchandises for the New Year celebration. Lunch was delicious fish dishes at a restaurant along the busy streets.

(One of the MRT station)
(A beautiful sunny day for a leisure walk)
(An old Iranian Cinema)
(Delicious crispy fried fish dish for lunch)
(Street vendors selling merchandises)
(A mini stadium, on the way back to the hotel)
(Using the MRT underpass to cross the busy intersections)
(Walking through the MRT stationss)
(The do and don't when boarding the MRT)
(The MRT network with different lines)
(Vibrant colored decorative road divider)
(Let's help keep the city clean)
(Recycled tyres made a colorful decorations)
(One of the many fast food chains)
(Easter eggs decorating the city)
(The biggest shopping mall in the vicinity)
(Reflections of our hotel on the glass)

Dinner was Pizza and Pastas at a local restaurant a walking distance from the hotel. The weather was nice and cool for night strolling.

(Dinner at a cosy Italian restaurant)
(A large bowl of salad)
(Crispy pizza to share)
(An easter egg)
(Many of them around the mall)

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