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Monday, 1 February 2016

Betong Back to Nature Ride...

“If you know where you are going, any road will get you there…” 

(Misty View Point at Aiyoe Weng)

This was our first ride for 2016.

It was a relaxing solo weekend ride. We stayed two nights in Merlin Betong Hotel and went for a back to nature day-ride and visited a few of the many attractions in Betong.

(Malaysia/Thailand border crossing)
(The town is decorated for CNY festival)

The Misty View Point

We took route 4106 from Betong and rode 35 km to the junction leading to the view point. The 7 km road uphill is small and winding and at some stretches the tarmac is broken but still accessible. There are many small Muslim villages along the route up the mountain. The view point is very scenic, with panoramic view of the surrounding greenery and we could view the Bang Lang Dam from up here. The view point is best visited during sunrise or sunset when the whole area is covered with mist and the clouds are below you.

(The junction to the Misty View Point)  
(Small tarmac road to the mountain top)
(Three big posters before the summit)
(A cool panoramic view of Thailand/Malaysia mountain range)
(A view of the Bang Lang Reservoir)

A giant tree in a Communist Village

Chulaphorn Village No. 10 is a calm and tranquil village and a popular tourist spot for visitors to Betong during fruit season. The village is about 33 km or just an hour ride from Betong town on route 4062. The attraction here is the old jungle camp used by the communists when they were still in the jungles. From the camp, there is a 2 km jungle path along the stream leading to one huge giant tree.

(The junction to Chulaphorn Peace Village No. 10)
(The parking place outside the entrance to the jungle trail)
(An old sentry view point at the entrance) 
(A meeting place with pictures of some communist leaders)
(Passing through a herbs gardern)
(A good paved jungle trail) 
(A cool stream in the jungle)
(The famous giant tree at the end of the trail)
(The tree is so huge and imposing)

The Hot Spring

Betong Hot Spring is situated at Ban Charo Parai Village about 5 km from Betong on highway 410 and another 8 km from the main junction. The hot spring is one of Betong natural attractions. Visitors can enjoy hot spring baths or dipping their legs in the pool. The hot spring water is rich in minerals and are believed to alleviate muscle pain and skin irritations. At some spots, the water is so hot that eggs will be cooked within 7 minutes.

(Some parts of the road are being upgraded)
(The hot spring with a beautiful backdrop)
(A resort next to the hot spring)
(A warmer pool for bathing and soaking)
(An OTOP souvenir shop selling local products)

Date: 31 January - 2 February 2016
Route: KL - Betong - KL
Distance: 1,000 km


Ayu Ruhayu Razali said...

Love - Love - Love K. Moon :)

Journey of Life Remyunes said...

Salam kak.. nak tanye.. yg misty point tuh.. boley naik keta tak ke atas?

Nong (Maimon Mohd Top) said...

Kereta pun boleh naik sampai ke atas. Nak ke vie point kena naik tangga sikit.... kalau pergi lepas subuh ada orang jual macam2 jenis makanan untuk sarapan....