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Monday, 20 January 2014

Solo Ride: Nakhon and Songkhla...

"Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine..." - Anthony J D'Angelo

Tranquil beaches of Nakhon and Songkhla
(17 - 20 Jan 2014)

Day 1 - Friday, 17 Jan 2014
(KL - Hatyai)

While some of the bikers gang were planning to ride to Gunung Jerai this weekend, we decided to visit beautiful pristine beaches on the east coast of Thailand instead.

On Friday morning we were ready early. The plan was to meet up with some of the bikers gang at Sungai Buluh R&R and ride together towards North then we split ways. Unfortunately we were delayed when the KTM alarm and immobilizer went haywire and the bike refused to start. The alarm had drained the battery dry. After replacing with a new battery, we started off on our own much later than planned. Even the faithful Garmin failed to power up but it can still be used using the charger from the cigarette lighter.

Nevertheless, slight disasters never hamper our will to ride. We started riding around 11:30 am. The journey towards north was smooth. We had a late lunch at Bukit Gantang R&R and refueled at Semanggol. It was already 06:00 pm when we crossed the border at Bukit Kayu Hitam. We rode direct to Hatyai and stayed the night in the Grand Plaza Hotel. We were lucky that we made the booking of hotel in Changloon earlier as there was a large crowd of Malaysian tourists visiting Hatyai for the long Thaipusam holidays weekend.

Tonight we indulged in a 2-hour Thai massage and later had nasi goreng dinner at Hamid Restaurant.

(Heavy traffic along the North-South Highway)
(Booking of hotel in Changloon)
(Our Garmin tied with bungy cords and rubber bands)
(Therapeutic Thai massage)

Day 2 - Saturday, 18 Jan 2014
(Hatyai - Nakhon Si Thammarat)

This morning we had a hearty nasi kerabu and roti canai breakfast at Salma Restaurant. The weather was good for a leisure ride towards Nakhon Si Thammarat, one of the southern provinces of Thailand, situated at the eastern shore of the Gulf of Thailand.

(A favorite restaurant for breakfast)
(Nasi Kerabu with a bowl of budu)

We reached Tha Salla beach in Nakhon early in the afternoon but couldn't find a suitable resort to stay. We rode further up and found one beautiful beach with a chalet resort by the sea side. The cozy chalet cost us B700 per night. 

(Smooth riding on highway 41)
(Bridge over Tha Salla river)
(The entrance to the beach and resort)
(Folklore statues of a musician and a mermaid)
(Our lodging for the night)
(Many chalets to choose from)
(A lone chalet by the sea side)

After checking-in and settling down, we went to the resort cafe to have the best lunch ever. Either the food was so damn good or we were very very hungry. The tom yum kung was deliciously hot. The mango and sambal belacan for appetizer was mouth watering.

(Young mango for appetizer)
(Tom Yum dish and omelette)

After lunch, we walked along the sea side with the strong sea breeze cooling the hot weather. The beach was crowded with local visitors, with families picnicking under the many gazebos and children swimming in the rough waters. This beach tranquil ambiance must have made it a popular weekend place to visit. The white sandy beach is beautiful but it is sad to notice that some parts of the beach are already eroding fast.
(Cool sea breeze on a sunny afternoon)
(Kids playing on the beach)
(White sandy beach, a tranquil sight)

It was a hot sunny day and a good weather to have a refreshing nap in the air conditioned chalet. It was already dark when we woke up from our long nap. We were too lazy to ride to the seafood restaurant at a nearby village so tonight we had a few slices of bread for dinner.

(Cool wood paneling inside the chalet)

Day 3 - Sunday, 19 Jan 2014
(Nakhon Si Thamarrat - Songkhla)

We checked out early and had nasi kerabu breakfast at one of the Muslim restaurant along the way. Our initial plan was to explore the coastal route to Songkhla but to our disappointment, the Garmin led us to Songkhla through the highway instead.

(Another round of nasi kerabu and pulut manis)
(Early arrival in Songkhla in good weather)
(The Scholar at Samila Beach)
(Samila Beach Resort, a large swimming pool)
(Cat and mouse, the islands in the background)
(A lone mermaid on the beach)

We reached Samila Beach around noon and checked-in Samila Beach Resort Hotel at B1750 per night. After a short rest we walked to a nearby food-court to have our lunch. The beach front was crowded with people and it was nearly impossible to have photo shots of the famous golden mermaid statue.

(Coconut ice-cream vendor)
(Seaside stalls of street foods)
(One of the Muslim Restaurants)
(A nice view of the sea)

It was a humid windy sunny day. We indulged in a cup of coconut ice-cream then later took a good refreshing nap the whole afternoon.

At night we walked a short distance to have dinner at the sea-side warong with loud background musics blaring from the many fancy lighted cars parked along the beach road.

Day 4 - Monday, 20 Jan 2014
(Songkhla - KL)

(Getting ready to ride back)
(Thai number plates for the KTM)

We had early breakfast in the hotel restaurant before checking-out. This morning we took an alternative route by-passing Hatyai to the border and saved us some time. Border clearing at Bukit Kayu Hitam was efficient and fast. After refueling we had early lunch at Jo Cendol Restaurant in Changloon.

It was a clear weather when we rode towards KL, only to encounter a slight shower when we nearly reached home before dusk.


Route taken: KL - Hatyai - Nakhon Si Thammarat - Songkhla - KL
Total mileage: 1,625 km

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