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Monday, 1 July 2013

2013 Aussie Holiday: Sydney City Tour

"Without new experiences, something inside of us sleeps. The sleeper must awaken..." - Frank Herbert

Day 2 - 23 June 2013
Sydney City Tour

(A very wet Sunday morning...)

We had breakfast of toasts and scrambled eggs in Adina Apartment.

(Taking the underpass of the Central Station)
(Interesting murals on the wall)

Today we planned to explore Sydney's major attractions. By 09:30 everyone was ready to go out even though it was raining outside. We walked a short distance to the other side of the Central Station to catch the Hop-On Hop-Off bus for a city tour of Sydney and Bondi beach. The bus tour cost A$270 for the 6 adults and 2 children.

(This mural celebrates 150 years of railways in NSW)

The weather was chilly with the temperature of around 15C. As it was raining intermittently, we stayed on the bus and listen to the commentary and only got down at Circular Quay when it was a little sunny to have a view of Darling Harbour, the Coat Hanger, The Rocks and the Opera House and had the option of going for Sydney harbour cruise.

(A walk under sunny clear sky at Circular Quay)
(One of the many famous names of Writers Walk)

Circular Quay is the hub of Sydney Harbour ferry network where ferry, bus and train services intersect. It is situated at a small inlet called Sydney Cove, the founding site for Sydney and Australia. It is a stepping-off point for most attractions based around the harbour and an exciting place to be on a warm day. The quay is a vibrant, bustling place with ferries leaving every few minutes to different parts of the harbour, including Manly, Watsons Bay, Mosman and Taronga Park Zoo. There are great views of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, a short distance away.

(Beautiful by day, but simply sensational by night)

The Sydney Harbour Bridge, which is known locally as the "Coat Hanger", took eight years to build, including the railway line. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of Sydney's most famous landmarks. Completed in 1932, the construction of the bridge was an economic feat as well as an engineering triumph. Prior to the bridge being built, the only links between the city centre in the south and the residential north were by ferry or by a 20 km road that involved five bridge crossings. An exciting experience while in Sydney is to take on a Bridge Climb, an experience you won't forget in a long time and it gives a rare glimpse of the Sydney cityscape.

(The Sydney Harbour Bridge or the 'Coat Hanger'
(The Bridge climb high over the water)

The Opera House is a UNESCO World Heritage Centre and one of Sydney's most popular icons. The Sydney Opera House is a multi-venue performing arts centre in New South Wales was conceived and largely built by Danish architect Jørn Utzon. Inaugurated in 1973 after a long gestation, the Sydney Opera House is a great architectural work of the 20th century that brings together multiple strands of creativity and innovation.

(The iconic Sydney Opera House)

The Rocks is one of the most-visited parts of Sydney. The Rocks is the oldest area of Sydney and has recently undergone an amazing metamorphosis, the old district being transformed into a vibrant pocket of cafes and restaurants and interesting tourist shops and stalls. This has been achieved without destroying the area's Old World charm and historic buildings, the oldest preserved colonial district.

(Alia taking a stroll in the drizzle)
(Hana is comfortable in her stroller)

We had McDonalds lunch before we boarded the bus to continue our tour of Sydney. It was raining heavily when we changed bus to visit Bondi Beach. We passed Paddington Market and stopped for an hour in Bondi Beach to watch people surfing in the cold water and walked along the beach in chilly weather. Bondi Beach is one of Australia's most famous beaches and among the world's most well-known for its great sandy beach, as well as its surf.

(Iwan and Ella with a bronze statue) 
(An almost empty Bondi Beach)

It was already dark when we took the 17:00 bus back to town. When we reached the Central Station we bought some souvenirs before we walked back to Adina Central Apartment.

Tonight dinner was packed food of Pizza and Kebab from a nearby Muslim restaurant.

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