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Monday, 1 July 2013

2013 Aussie Holiday: Mt Buller

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing..." - Helen Keller
Day 7 – 28 June 2013
(Mt Buller Snow Resort)
(A family photo in the morning)
This morning we had a heavy breakfast and prepared for a 12-hour return journey to Mt Buller. We brought with us winter clothing to keep us warm and dry as it would be colder and snowing/raining in the mountain. It is advisable to dress in layers to trap warm air and give the flexibility for changing conditions. Waterproof pants and jackets are also available for hire from the retail outlets in Mansfield and at Mt Buller.
(Travelling above the clouds)
(Misty morning)
(Hana at the Info Centre at Mansfield)

Mt Buller is 248km North-west of Melbourne and 1805m above sea level. In three hours we were out of the city and driving on Victoria High Country passing through Yarra Valley. Mansfield is the closest town to Mt Buller and a perfect spot to take a break. We visited the Information Centre and enquire about the weather forecast and road conditions in Mt Buller and whether we need to use wheel chains for the MPV to drive up the mountain. After Mansfield we followed the signs out of town to Mt Buller and paid entrance fee of A$38/vehicle at the resort entry gate at Mirimbah, a 20 minutes drive from the car park and the village. From the car park we hopped on a free shuttle bus to the Village Square.

(Gathering at the Village Square)
(Looking up the ski slope)
(Winter holiday destination)

The Village Square is the hub of Mt Buller featuring a great selection of retailers, cafes and restaurants. There is also a supermarket, ATM, souvenir shops and Information Centre. We had lunch of pancakes, nachos, sandwiches and soup at the food-court restaurants before we headed to the slope to play with the snow.

(Hana playing in the snow)
(Alia with her dad)
(Skiing down the slope)

Later, the kids and grandchildren took the Blue Bullet Chairlift at A$15/person to the resort upper slopes travelling above the beginner skiing area. If one is interested to ski or snow-boarding there are free discovery lesson classes at a certain time of the day or an intensive private lesson for a fee.

(Sara and Fitri)
(Colorful snow skis)

If one has time, there is a free self-guided map from the Clock Tower Information Centre and could set off in search of the Resort’s favorite little residents, the Mt Buller gnomes and gain fascinating insight into the gnomes at work, rest and play.
(A beautiful sunset...)

By 16:00 we took the shuttle to the car park and drove back towards Melbourne. Tonight we had Sardine and fried eggs for dinner in the apartment.


AC said...

Hi, your pictures in mt buller ate very nice. We are going mt buller next month but i am not sure if we should drive up or ake a coach up from Mansfield. We are a family of 7. Is the drive up safe and easy?

Nong said...

Hai AC,

Yes it's safe to drive up Mt Buller. But if it is in winter, the road up may be a little slippery...

We rented a van to accommodate the 8 of us and it was fun. They have snow all year round!