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Friday, 22 June 2012

Phuket Santai Ride - 2012

"Travelling is physically tiring but mentally refreshing..."

June 22, 2012 - Friday
(KL - Krabi)

(Doing some stretching before the long ride...)

Tayar golek from Sg Buluh R&R with Hj Din & Yati, Zali, Lan, Shanaz, and Azim. Refueled at Rawang R&R and met with 8 other bikers.

(Briefing for the big-bikers...)
(Waiting in line for refueling...)

Refueled at Simpang Pulai and Juru where Chon and Hakim joined the convoy to Changloon, At one Chinese coffee shop in Changloon, we bought motor insurance and changed some baht. Had light breakfast of milo and toast before started riding the winding road of Wang Kelian. It was a hot long process of border clearance at Wang Kelian even though the place was deserted.

(A long and humid wait at the border...)
(Lunch stop at Pak Bara Beach...)
(Opportunity to stretch tired back and legs...)
The group rode to Pak Bara beach for a sumptuous nasi goreng and tom yam lunch. The initial plan was to ride direct to Phuket but when we reached Krabi, the other group of big bikers decided to stay a night at J Mansion hotel in Krabi and we followed suit. We had Thai food for dinner and later went for a relaxing full body Massage.

June 23, 2012 - Saturday
(Krabi - Phuket)

(Souvenir t-shirts...)
(A morning stroll along the beach...)

We woke up late and had breakfast at a bistro cafe by the beach. Later we strolled along Au Namg beach for some photo shots. We checked out at noon and 10 of us rode out towards Phuket. The rest will ride out a bit later.

(A group shot and a good rest...)
(At Phuket check point before entering the island...)
We reached Phuket around at 3pm and had Mihoon soup lunch at a stall by the mosque. We checked in Boomerang Hotel and rested till 8pm. At night we walked to the shops along the beach and had dinner at one Russian Restaurant.

(A night walk along the beach...)

June 24, 2012 - Sunday
(Phuket - KL)

(A group photo before the ride home...)

We checked out at 9.30 am and had breakfast nasi lauk at a restaurant near the mosque. Today we rode direct to the border with several stops for refueling and refreshments. We reached Danok around 6.00 pm and had a very late lunch or early dinner. Border clearance at Bukit Kayu Hitam was fast and efficient. We stopped at R&R Bukit Merah for drinks and solat and had our last refueling at Simpang Pulai. The group split from there and rode in the rain home. We reached our Sri Putramas apartment around 1.30 am.

(Good companions of disciplined riders...)

Alhamdulillah. Today we rode our first 1000 km. And we broke our own record…

Date: 22 -24 June 2012
Route taken: KL - Spg Pulai - Changloon - Wang Klian - Pak Bara - Krabi - Phuket - Danok - Bkt Kayu Hitam - Bkt Merah - Spg Pulai - KL
Total mileage: 2,060 km
Bikers gang: Mus/Mun, Din/Yati, Chon, Zali, Shanaz, Tawfik, Lan, Hakim + 7 other bikers


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