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Monday, 5 June 2017

Kembara Ramadhan Satun

“The man who goes alone can start today, but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready...” – Henry David Thoreau

(Masjid Darul Jannah Satun)

Date: 2 - 4 June 2017
Route: KL- Satun- KL
Total distance: 1,300 km

In this month of Ramadhan we rode to Satun and spent a few days there.

With the assistance of cikgu Joe from Satun, we had identified a few mosques for us to deliver contributions and infaq to help and support them to reduce the costs on iftar during Ramadhan. During our stay there, we had the opportunity to break fast and perform the solat Terawih with the jema'ah there.

The bikers gang who join this small mission were Mus/Mun, Matt Put, Hayami/Siti, and Fauzilan.

Mission well accomplished. Alhamdulillah...

(Our KTM ready for the 'bunung hantu' ride)
(Some friends who flagged us off)
(Our sahur in Gurun R&R)
(Insurance and documentations)
(Riding to the border in Perlis)
(Welcome to the Malaysian/Thailand border)
(Completed border clearance)
(Ready to enter Thailand)
(Welcome to Thailand)
(Arriving in Satun)
(Looking for our Meesuk Hotel in Satun)
(Our lodging for two nights)
(Comfortable clean room)
(The Islamic Committee of Satun)
(Masjid Darul-Jannah Satun)
(The breaking of fast with the jema'ah)
(Our sahur from the mosque)
(Misbahuddin Mosque)
(Sekolah Agama next to the mosque)
(The bikers gang with cikgu Joe)
(At Karlisa Villa by the river)
(Visiting Cikgu Joe's house)
(A chance for a swim in the afternoon)
(A small madrasah tahfiz)
(A natural lake in Satun)
(Masjid Bahar Ban Pak Bara)
(Lake Terrace Hotel in Pak Bara)
(Beautiful chalets)
(Rooms by the lake)
(Another new hotel on the hill)
(The Andaman Sea)
(Ideal for fishing)
(Pak Bara Viewpoint)
(Masjid Pak Cik Dali, Satun)
(Iftar at Masjid Pak Cik Dali)
(A group photo with Pak Cik Dali)
(Our sahur for tonight from the mosque)
(Riding out of Satun)
(Arriving at the Thailand/Malaysia border)
(Bon Voyage Thailand)
(Entering Malaysian border)
(Misty and slippery road)
(Driving in the rain around sharp corner)
(A brief stop at Padang Besar)
(Riding towards the south)
(Masjid Abdullah Fahim Bertam)
(The spacious praying room)
(Our last stop at Simpang Pulai)

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