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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Ramadhan Kembara Masjid Vol.3

“When Ramadan enters, the gates of Paradise are opened, the gates of Hellfire are closed and the devils are chained…” - Al-Bukhari and Muslim

(The bikers gang)

Date: 17 -19 June 2016
Route: Johor – Singapore – Melaka
Total distance: 950 km
Bikers gang: Shawal, Mat Put, Nizam, Sani, Burn, Fuad, Akbar, Mus and Mun

This Ramadhan, the bikers gang visited six mosques, two each in Singapore, Johor and Melaka to perform prayers and i’tikaf. It was a leisure relaxing ride. The weather was cool all the way from KL to Singapore with intermittent light showers here and there.

Like the last Kembara Masjid in 2014, hubby and I had the opportunity to stay a night in Aliwal Hotel in Singapre and had our iftar and performed Terawih and Subuh prayers in Masjid Sultan. The rest of the gang stayed in the Five Stone Hostel, a short walking distance from the mosque.

While we were in Singapore, we went to Kelantan Lane to purchase bike’s parts and accessories. Some of us even made time to visit and shop at Mustafa Centre.

Alhamdulillah, we completed the Ramadhan Kembara Masjid and arrived home safely.


The impressive Sultan Mosque in historic Kampong Glam is the focal point for Singapore’s Muslim community. With its massive golden domes and huge prayer hall, Sultan Mosque is a must-see if you’re in the historic Kampong Glam district. The mosque was built in 1824 for Sultan Hussein Shah, the first sultan of Singapore.

Gazetted as a national monument in 1975, the mosque is a focal point for the Muslim community then as now. During Ramadan, the area around the mosque is bustling with activities. The mosque hosts Iftar and Terawih prayers. Stalls are set up near Sultan Mosque along Bussorah Street and Arab Street. Cafes offer Iranian, Lebanese and Egyptian dishes, and even western dishes.

(The majestic Masjid Sultan)
(The main prayer hall)
(The gang having nasi bryani for iftar)
(International restaurants around the mosque)


Masjid Abdul Gaffoor is located in the area known as Kampong Kapor, which was an active business hub for Indian merchants and for those who worked at the old race course at Farrer Park. The mosque on this site was originally a building with timber partitions and a tiled roof known as Masjid Al-Abrar, built in 1846 to serve the religious needs of the South Indian Muslim merchants.

Today, the mosque stands facing a row of shop houses that are now used for Qur'an classes and other subjects, as well as for communal activities. Masjid Abdul Gaffoor was gazetted as a national monument on 13 July 1979. The mosque is rich in architectural features.

(Rich intricate architecture)
(A national monument of Singapore)


The Kota Iskandar Mosque is located at Iskandar Puteri, the Johor State Administrative Centre. It is the second state mosque of Johor after Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque in Johor Bahru. This modern futuristic mosque was officially opened in June 2015 and was named after the late Sultan of Johor, Almarhum Sultan Iskandar ibni Almarhum Sultan Ismail.

Kota Iskandar Mosque Is an awe-inspiring visual gateway to Kota Iskandar inspired by six towering minarets that cut through the skyline with a graceful yet reverent elegance. Intricate carvings of Quranic verses and Islamic motifs decorating the walls and grilles.

(Six modern towering minarets)
(The main prayer hall)


The mosque is one of the most arresting architectural sights in the city, this mosque is a shining legacy of the conquest of Islam in this country more than half a millennium ago. It also marks the beginning of the modernisation of the Johor State, being commissioned in 1900 by Sultan Abu Bakar, a much respected monarch widely referred to as the “Father of Modern Johor”.

The mosque can accommodate 2,000 worshippers. The architectural style of the mosque follows the Victorian English architectural designs in which most of minarets of the 19th century were built. The building of the mosque includes elements of Moorish architecture but also retains minor Malay influence.

Presently, the mosque is under massive renovation. A temporary praying hall is relocated to a small building next to the grand mosque.

(The mosque is under renovation)
(A temporary building next door)


Kampung Hulu Mosque is the oldest mosque in Malacca.The mosque is situated north of Jalan Tukang Emas, also known as "Harmony Street" because of its proximity to the Sri Poyatha Moorthi Temple and Cheng Hoon Teng Temple. The mosque was originally built around the year 1720-1728. It underwent renovation in 1892.

The architectural design of the mosque is a cross between Sumatran, Chinese, Hindu, and the Melaka Malay. The minaret, ablution pool and entrance arch were built at the same time with the main building. The minaret resembles a pagoda. Next to the mosque is an old grave site where the tomb of Sayyid Abdullah Al-Haddad, a renowned religious teacher is located.

(Famous for its medicinal water from the ablution well)

(Tent set up for iftar during fasting month)


Masjid Al-Alami is located at MITC Ayer Keroh Melaka. It was constructed on a 4 hectre land in 2001 and completed in 2003. The mosque which cost aound RM7.5 mil can accommodate 2,500 worshippers. The mosque is spacious, clean and well maintained. There is ample parking area around the mosque.

(Having moreh before the ride home)

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