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I started traveling around the world since early 80s when I had the opportunity to combine business trips with vacations. Then later when my rezeki is in abundance, there were numerous other trips along the way for vacations, most of the time with hubby and the kids when the timing is right. I have also started to compile the journal and photo-pages covering almost more than 25 years of world wide travel. Some destinations I visited just once, others many times. Many of those places are the obvious famous places people would like to visit but some, the casual traveler doesn't even think to try. I have placed links to my travel at the side bar of my personal page, My Life Reflections, and will be updating them from time to time.

My wish is to continue my travel and complete circumnavigate the globe, insyaAllah…

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Betong (II), Thailand 2011 - Riding across the border just the two of us...

"Don't let someone else's opinion of you become your reality..." - Les Brown

(July 17 - 19, 2011)

(At the Immigration Centre for border check)
(Butterfly Princess Hotel)
(The Post Office and biggest mail box)
(Riding around following the road signs)
(Cooking eggs in the boiling water @ The Hot Spring)
(Jungle trekking to the communist tunnel)
(Exploring the Piyamit Tunnel)
(Taking a rest @ Winter Flower Garden)
(Resting area along the winding road)

Route taken: KL - Grik - Betong - Tapah - KL
Total mileage: 900 km


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hi to all munmus.blogspot.comers this is my first post and thought i would say a big hello to yous -
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Nong (Maimon Mohd Top) said...

Hai... thanks for the visit