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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Gold Coast, Indonesia 2009 - Surfers Paradise, Whale Watching...

"You live longer once you realize that any time spent being unhappy is wasted..." - Ruth E Renkl

After a Subway breakfast of seafood and egg sandwiches, we checked out of the Montego Mermaid Beach Motel and drove towards Broadwater to seek out the caravan park. The park is a premium park due to its close proximity to Surfers Paradise and is consistently fully occupied throughout the year. Once we had confirmed our site for the night, we decided to explore the attractions in Surfers Paradise.

(The Wax Museum)

There is a Wax Museum here that houses one of the three original wax figures of Madame Tussaud. We posed for photos with the eighty over celebrities and prominent personalities of our time. It was déjà vu, since we were here ten years ago. The waxwork figures have not aged. Even Michael Jackson looked black! Though she’s white now.

(A stroll on the beach)

Humpback whales migrate through the Australian coast for breeding before turning south towards the Antarctica to mature before returning to propagate once again. This being the season, we took a whale watching cruise to see these magnificent creatures just off the Australian coast.

(A view of the skyline)

After a few hours offshore, we were rewarded with distant spouts of air blown by the whales. As we ventured closer, we could see these whales playfully swimming, breaching the water and splashing the water with their tails. One had to be quick with the camera to capture these moments.

(Sightings of a few hump-back whales)

It was almost dusk when we returned to shore. It was a worthwhile cruise. Maybe once in a lifetime opportunity even.

(Arriving at the pier)

After a filling meal of nan, aloo gobi and lamb curry at a halal Indian restaurant, we retired for the night at the Broadwater Park.


maklang said...

kak nong,

naik cruise tu brape kena. dan entrance to madame tusaaud tu berapa ye..nak kompol duit ni...he..he..

Nong said...

Cruise Whale Watching tu AUD80 sorang. Wax Museum tu AUD28 sorang. Mahal jugak lah kalau convert tu MYR...

Banyak lagi attractions untuk di kunjungi, tapi kena ada $$$$. he he...

aNIe said...

Kak...cantik2 gambar tu...suka anie tengok...tak dpt pergi pun takpe tengok gambar akak..

Nong said...

InsyaAllah, kalau anak2 dah besar nanti boleh datang satu family. Lagi seronok...