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Monday, 1 July 2013

2013 Aussie Holiday: Blue Mountains

."Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey." - Fitzhugh Mullan

Day 3 – 24 June 2013
(Katoomba Blue Mountains)
(A variety of campervans to chose from)

This morning breakfast was toasts and scrambled eggs. By 10:00 we packed our bags and ready to check out of Adina Apartment. Today we planned to go to the Blue Mountains to explore the many attractions there and stay a night in one of Katoomba Caravan Parks.

(Spacious area for 8 of us in the campervan)

We had earlier pre-arranged the rental of a campervan so we drove to Apollo Motorhome in Gardners Road to collect our campervan. We had rented a 6-Berth Caravan and will drop off the campervan in Melbourne. The campervan could accommodate 6 adults and 2 children and has spacious 2 dining areas that could be converted to 2 double beds at night. Another double bed is accessible by a ladder on the overhead compartment and could be used as storage space for bags during the day. The campervan is complete with a shower/toilet, a stove and sink, a fridge, microwave, a TV and GPS. There is a central heater to warm the campervan at night when outside temperature could drop as low as 5 C.

(Alia and Hana sleeping, all strapped up)

The rental was for 7-day minimum but we would only be using the campervan for only 4 days. The average rental for the 4 days was A$400/day and we need to pay for a one-way fee of A$260, which I thought was already included when we arranged the rental from back home. If this is a double charge, we’ll request for a refund later. And in addition, we paid a refundable deposit of A$250. We would be returning the campervan before we enter Melbourne as maneuvering the large vehicle in the city would be quite a hassle. We still maintained the Kia Carnival and Iwan and Fitri would takes turn to drive the MPV.

(Taking a short break for lunch)
(Hana at the Outback Jacks)

After signing the paperwork for the campervan we headed towards the Blue Mountains and stopped on the way to buy provisions at an Asian shopping mall and had lunch at McDonalds. After a 2-hour drive we reached Blue Mountains and searched for Katoomba Falls Caravan Park.

(Traffic along the highway to the Blue Mountains)

Katoomba Falls Caravan Park is strategically located and within easy walking distance to Scenic World and the Blue Mountains Three Sisters which we will explore tomorrow. We made a call to book a powered site at a rental of A$92 for one night and asked permission to park our MPV next to the campervan site. It was already dark and raining when we finally parked our vehicle for the night. The park has a no-party policy and was overly quiet and peaceful at night. And as safety precaution to guests the speed limit for vehicles passing through is 10km/hr which is a walking pace.

(Katoomba town at dusk)
(Parking the Campervan and Carnival, side by side)

In the park, one had to enter a code to open the door to enter the amenities. The weather was chilly outside but some of us used the communal washroom to bathe and wash. The rest made do with having our hot showers in the campervan.

Dinner menu for tonight was fried chicken, Sardine and omellet with Basmati rice.

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